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Maf: Starfleet Battles - World's Best and Most Innovative MMORPG

Maf : Starfleet Battles “A game is the epitome of what a world could be. How you play it, is who you could be.” -Perry Jones “Your future is not your past. Your destiny is not written in stone. Your vision shapes what will be. Your courage is what shapes you.”-From President-General Perold Jonas’s Address to the Troops, Kila Vas, Maf, ‘Maf: Starfleet Battles’ USP For players to make a real-world income by playing an online game. Introduction Video games bring a good amount of delight to the world. Unwelcoming and unhelpful thoughts from our “real lives,” are easily banished because these virtual programs and video games play a vital role in the life of many people today. Mafgames, LLC, is a newly established game developing company. We are fundraising to provide capital for our first gaming project in a series of related online MMORPGs, (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), all taking place in the same persistent universe. “A strong man doesn’t need to read the future. He m

Maf: Starfleet Battles Backstory Posts

  Maf: Starfleet Battles Backstory Posts World’s Best and Most Innovative MMO — “Maf: Starfleet Battles” Game Overview Maf: Starfleet Battles Player Experience Maf: Starfleet Battles Player Experience 2 Advanced Tutorials Battle Buddies Maf: Starfleet Battles; War of IFTR Maf: Starfleet Battles — First Viachon War Maf: A Brief History of the “Original Colonists” — Part One Maf: A Brief History of the “Original Colonists” — Part Two Maf: A Brief History of the “Original Colonists” — Part Three MACOFS and the MACOS Treaty. 1988. Peace. After 11 years of war… Maf Classification of Ships Crime Boss and Empire Builder Mysteries of Planet Maf StarRacer - Can You Be the Winner of the Helvatica Prize? Make Money by Playing - $5 Plesorus Mining Frigate

Maf: Starfleet Battles

Maf: Starfleet Battles is a game designed for people who like to play online scifi mmorpg's and who like open-world, sandbox type games.   An open-world sandbox is a game where players determine what they do in the game, creating their own future in the game and building a presence in the game. In the initial stages, the game will lead and direct players how to manuver, operate and work within the game and provide tasks and missions for the players to complete.   An mmorpg is a massively, multiplayer online role-playing game in which players assume a role or character and construct their life ingame in accordance with the actions and objectives of that character. Players may create more than one character.   Maf: Starfleet Battles is differentiated from other game in several ways, - the scope and size of the game (a whole universe with infinite galaxies to explore), depth of the game - a rich backstory consisting of over 3,000 pages of history provide a deep background, true sandb

Play an Online Game that is Fun, Action-filled and Challenging and Make a Living for Playing

Maf: Starfleet Battles is not only a game in which players can play an online game that is fun, action-filled and challenging, but also where players can make a living while playing. Our pricing schedule allows players of all means to enter the game at a price point that is comfortable and affordable for them.  Beginning at just $1 for a "Table License" (a table in a restaurant, nightclub or bar that earns $1,000 Stellar Credits a day) to $5 for a Plesorus Mining Frigate, $25 for a Planet, Restaurant or Nightclub, etc to the Ultra Game License priced at $250,000. Income is expected to be commensurate with the price of the Game License you buy.