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Wu-Branyon Coalition

Starnation: Wu-Branyon Coalition Number of Planets: 52 Capital City: Zi Autergan Government: Coalition Population: 492.3 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Wu-Branyon Coalition traces its origins to a historical alliance formed between the Wu and Branyon civilizations seeking to pool their resources and knowledge for mutual benefit. Over the centuries, this alliance has evolved into a cooperative and diverse coalition of planets, each contributing its unique customs, cultures, and expertise to the collective. Their shared history has fostered a sense of camaraderie and interdependence, promoting unity and cooperation among member planets. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Wu-Branyon Coalition thrives on interstellar trade and commerce. With each member planet specializing in distinct industries and resources, their trade network encompasses a wide array of goods, including advanced technologies, agricultural products, rare minerals, and artistic creations. Their bustl

Wriknuu Technate

Starnation: Wriknuu Technate Number of Planets: 35 Capital City: Sare' Government: Technocratic Rule Population: 277.5 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Wriknuu Technate's history is one of scientific achievement and technological prowess. Under technocratic rule, their governance is led by scientists, engineers, and experts who wield authority based on their technical knowledge. The Technate's customs and culture revolve around the pursuit of technological innovation and efficiency. They place a strong emphasis on rationality and evidence-based decision-making. Wriknuu society prizes intellectual achievement and embraces advancements that push the boundaries of scientific understanding. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Wriknuu Technate is a dominant force in interstellar technology and innovation. They excel in the production of advanced machinery, cybernetics, and cutting-edge AI systems. Their planets yield rare minerals and resources essential for te

Zuy Tenh Dominion

Starnation: Zuy Tenh Dominion Number of Planets: 25 Capital City: Qzar Tyn Government: Monarchy Population: 167.1 billion Description: The Zuy Tenh Dominion, with its 25 planets, is a realm steeped in the traditions of monarchy and regal splendor. Ruled by a hereditary monarch, this starnation exudes an air of nobility and grandeur, captivating its citizens and visitors alike with its majestic palaces and cultural heritage. History: The history of the Zuy Tenh Dominion is a saga of ancient dynasties and tales of valor. Its founding monarchs united the disparate planets under a common banner, forging a dominion that endures through the ages. Throughout its history, the monarchy has upheld the values of honor, chivalry, and loyalty to the Crown, binding the diverse planets together in a harmonious alliance. Customs and Culture: In the Zuy Tenh Dominion, customs and rituals reflect the opulence and refinement of its royal heritage. The starnation's people embrace a sense of loyalty an

Zuumleag Satrapy

Starnation: Zuumleag Satrapy Number of Planets: 47 Capital City: Tonek Estadeaw Government: Technocratic Oligarchy Population: 445.8 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Zuumleag Satrapy's history is deeply rooted in scientific and technological advancement. Originally a collection of independent colonies, they united under a shared vision of progress and innovation. The Zuumleag culture places a strong emphasis on knowledge, research, and intellectual pursuits. They value meritocracy, rewarding individuals based on their contributions to science, engineering, and technology. Their customs revolve around celebrating scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, fostering an environment of collaboration and curiosity. 2. Primary Trade Goods: As a Technocratic Oligarchy, the Zuumleag Satrapy has developed a thriving economy centered around their cutting-edge technologies and advanced scientific research. Their primary trade goods include state-of-the-art machinery,

Ziti Rogis Federated States

Starnation: Ziti Rogis Federated States Number of Planets: 494 Capital City: Lleth Yolanda Government: Federal Republic Population: 3.3 trillion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The history of the Ziti Rogis Federated States is a narrative of cooperation and peaceful coexistence. The starnation's diverse member planets once stood divided by historical conflicts but later united under the banner of a Federal Republic. The customs and culture of Ziti Rogis celebrate pluralism, cultural diversity, and a shared commitment to progress and unity. As the state matured, and became more stable, more and more planets sought membership until today, 1,015 years after its founding, when 494 planets have banded together to create a peaceful and prosperous union of planets across the stars. 2. Primary Trade Goods: Ziti Rogis is a formidable player in the interstellar trade market, known for its sophisticated manufacturing industries, technological innovations, and cultural exports.

Zifoa Assembly

Starnation: Zifoa Assembly Number of Planets: 81 Capital City: Tratlug Government: Representative Democracy Population: 814.8 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Zifoa Assembly has a rich history that dates back centuries, marked by a tradition of collaborative decision-making and a strong emphasis on individual freedoms and rights. Their representative democracy allows citizens from each planet to elect representatives who gather in the capital city of Tratlug to legislate and make decisions for the entire starnation. The Zifoans value cultural diversity, and each planet maintains its unique customs, arts, and traditions, contributing to the colorful tapestry of their collective identity. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Zifoa Assembly's extensive network of 81 planets contributes to a diverse range of trade goods. Their economy thrives on interstellar commerce, with a focus on technological innovations, advanced manufacturing, and arts and entertainment. They ex

Y-Yanis Empire

Starnation: Y-Yanis Empire Number of Planets: 9 Capital City: Nas-Yanis Government: Imperial Council Population: 90.5 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Y-Yanis Empire has a storied history, tracing its roots to the ancient days of conquest and expansion. Once a series of independent kingdoms, they united under a powerful ruler, forming a vast empire. Today, the Y-Yanis culture is marked by a sense of pride in their imperial heritage, with traditions and customs deeply rooted in their history. Honor, loyalty, and respect for authority are highly regarded virtues, and ancient rituals are still upheld in ceremonies and celebrations. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Y-Yanis Empire boasts a flourishing economy, specializing in advanced technologies, weapons, and minerals extracted from their mineral-rich planets. They excel in shipbuilding, crafting formidable warships and merchant vessels for interstellar trade. The empire's luxury goods, such as exquisite textiles,

Yeolnix Consortium

Starnation: Yeolnix Consortium Number of Planets: 36 Capital City: Spaceport Zebra (space station) Government: Corporate Meritocracy Population: 217.9 billion Description: The Yeolnix Consortium boasts a fascinating history that traces back to its humble beginnings as an orbital free trade zone. Originally dominated by a handful of corporations, the capital city, Spaceport Zebra, was a bustling hub of commerce, innovation, and diverse cultural experiences. Laissez-faire policies, vibrant markets, and an array of entertainment venues, from street performers to big-name theaters, contributed to the lively atmosphere akin to the spirit of the "Wild West." In a transformative event, five powerful corporations united and brought order to the once chaotic space station. Their efforts ignited a corporate revolution that rapidly spread across the station and eventually encompassed the planet below. This revolution extended its influence to nearby planets, culminating in the declarati

Yantella Republic

Starnation: Yantella Republic Number of Planets: 14 Capital City: Sotoro Government: Republic Population: 98.3 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Yantella Republic has a rich history that traces back to a popular uprising against oppressive regimes, leading to the establishment of a republican form of government. Customs and culture within the Republic emphasize democratic values, civic engagement, and the pursuit of individual liberties. The Yantellan people value egalitarianism, social justice, and a strong sense of community. Festivals, public forums, and participatory decision-making processes are hallmarks of their culture, promoting inclusivity and the active involvement of citizens in shaping the Republic's destiny. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Yantella Republic excels in various trade goods, harnessing the resources and ingenuity of its member planets. Their primary trade commodities include advanced technology, scientific research, cultural artifacts

Xylminis Council of Delegates

Starnation: Xylminis Council of Delegates Number of Planets: 18 Capital City: Xylminis Government: Confederation Population: 162.1 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Xylminis Council of Delegates has a history rooted in cooperation, diplomacy, and the pursuit of consensus-based decision-making. Customs and culture within the starnation revolve around dialogue, mutual respect, and the celebration of diverse perspectives. The inhabitants of Xylminis value collaboration, inclusivity, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Their society fosters open communication, cultural exchange, and the pursuit of knowledge through collective wisdom. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Xylminis Council of Delegates excels in trade associated with interstellar diplomacy, intellectual property, and technological advancements. Their primary trade commodities include diplomatic services, intellectual expertise, and cutting-edge technologies. The starnation places great emphasis on inter

Xydzor Arcane Dominion

Starnation: Xydzor Arcane Dominion Religious Order: Magicians of the Moon Number of Planets: 3 Capital City: Asan Government Type: Mageocracy Population: 17.5 billion Description: The Xydzor Arcane Dominion is a mystical realm where the enigmatic Magicians of the Moon hold sway. Their mastery over arcane arts, harnessed from the radiant lunar energies, has shaped a civilization brimming with wonder and awe-inspiring feats. These gifted sorcerers have forged a profound connection with the celestial bodies, drawing power from the moon's mesmerizing glow. 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Xydzor Arcane Dominion's history is steeped in ancient lore and tales of lunar mysticism. It was born when the first magicians harnessed the moon's energy, unveiling secrets of cosmic magic. Their customs revolve around the phases of the moon, with various rituals performed during full moons and eclipses to channel celestial powers. 2. Religious Affiliation: The Magicians of the Moon vene

Xodora Li Mandate

Starnation: Xodora Li Mandate Number of Planets: 53 Capital City: Belada Government: Demarchy Population: 304.55 billion Description: Welcome to the Xodora Li Mandate, a starnation characterized by its unique and progressive approach to governance. With a diverse population of 304.55 billion inhabitants spread across 53 planets, this vibrant society thrives under the principles of a Demarchy - a government system where decision-making authority is vested in the hands of its citizens. At the heart of the Xodora Li Mandate lies the capital city, Belada, a bustling metropolis that exemplifies the harmonious blend of advanced technology, art, and culture. Towering structures, each a marvel of engineering and design, adorn the cityscape, reflecting the starnation's commitment to innovation and progress. The governance of the Xodora Li Mandate is a true embodiment of democratic principles. Here, the citizens actively participate in the decision-making process through a system of councils

Galactic Union

Starnation: Galactic Union Number of Planets: 14 Capital City: Unity Central Government: Federal Republic Population: 78.8 billion History, Customs, and Culture: The Galactic Union was born out of a shared vision for unity, cooperation, and prosperity among its member planets. Formed through a series of diplomatic negotiations and agreements, the Union represents a diverse array of civilizations and species, each contributing their unique customs, traditions, and cultural practices to the collective fabric of the Union. The history of the Galactic Union is marked by a commitment to peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, and collaborative endeavors. The member planets have worked together to overcome interstellar challenges, promote cultural exchange, and foster technological advancements. The Union places great emphasis on education, scientific exploration, and the preservation of cultural heritage, creating a rich tapestry of knowledge and diversity within its borders. Primary Trade Go

Galactic Order

Starnation: Galactic Order Number of Planets: 9 Capital City: Centurion Government: Oligarchy Population: 41.4 billion Description: The Galactic Order is a starnation governed by an oligarchic system, where a small group of influential individuals hold significant political and economic power. The starnation comprises nine planets, each contributing to the overall stability and prosperity of the Galactic Order. The history of the Galactic Order is rooted in the pursuit of centralized control and efficient governance. The oligarchy emerged as a result of a power consolidation process, where a select group of individuals came to dominate key sectors of society, including politics, economy, and military. Over time, the oligarchs established their dominance and solidified their grip on power. Customs and culture within the Galactic Order are influenced by the values and priorities of the ruling oligarchy. The emphasis is placed on order, discipline, and adherence to hierarchical structures

Zamwan Republic

Starnation: Zamwan Republic Number of Planets: 28 Capital City: Tiof Doma Government: Federal Republic Population: 308.4 billion Description: The Zamwan Republic is a thriving and populous starnation consisting of 28 planets, united under the principles of cooperation, shared governance, and collective progress. The capital city, Tiof Doma, stands as a beacon of interstellar diplomacy, economic vitality, and cultural diversity. With a total population of 308.4 billion individuals, the Zamwan Republic boasts a vast and dynamic society. The starnation upholds the values of democratic governance, individual liberties, and social welfare, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of its diverse citizenry across the member planets. Primary Trade Goods: The Zamwan Republic excels in interstellar trade, fostering the exchange of a wide range of goods, services, and knowledge among its member planets. From advanced technology and sustainable energy solutions to artistic creations and scientific i

Yi-Pang Techno-States

Starnation: Yi-Pang Techno-States Number of Planets: 10 Capital City: Isidum Government: Capitalist Technocracy Population: 94.4 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The origins of the Yi-Pang Techno-States can be traced back to a historical revolution that united the ten planets under a common vision of progress and innovation. In this starnation, the fusion of capitalism and technocracy has fostered a culture that values scientific advancements, entrepreneurship, and individual liberties. Innovation is at the core of their society, and citizens are encouraged to explore their potential in various fields, driving forward the development of cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough discoveries. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Yi-Pang Techno-States are renowned for their advanced technology and sophisticated machinery. Their primary trade goods include high-tech gadgets, AI-driven robotics, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and revolutionary energy solutions. They have

Xetasi Sondas Republic

Starnation: Xetasi Sondas Republic Number of Planets: 43 planets Capital City: Ambii Saandusil Government: Directorial Republic Population:  321.6 billion The Xetasi Sondas Republic is a vast and dynamic starnation, spanning across forty-three planets in the cosmos. With Ambii Saandusil serving as its distinguished capital city, this Republic upholds the principles of a Directorial Republic, emphasizing the collective participation of its 321.6 billion inhabitants in governance. The starnation's political structure revolves around a Directorial Republic, where decision-making authority is vested in a council of representatives elected by the citizens. This system ensures that the voices of the populace are heard and valued, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among its diverse communities. With a strong focus on civic engagement and public welfare, the Xetasi Sondas Republic places a high value on education, healthcare, and infrastructure development. The government s

Washandra Wizim Confederation

Starnation: Washandra Wizim Confederation Number of Planets: 7 Capital City: Nwee-Arkuitor Government: Confederation Population: 53.6 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Washandra Wizim Confederation has a rich history of cooperation and unity among its member planets. Founded on the principles of mutual respect and collaboration, the starnation has thrived through centuries of interplanetary cooperation. Washandrans and Wizimans, the two dominant species within the confederation, have coexisted in harmony, embracing each other's customs and traditions. Their shared values of diplomacy, negotiation, and inclusiveness have formed the foundation of their society. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Confederation is renowned for its diverse trade goods, reflecting the unique resources of each member planet. Exquisite textiles, advanced technological equipment, and fine arts and crafts are among their most sought-after exports. The Wizimans are particularly known for the

Verdant Commonwealth

Starnation: Verdant Commonwealth Number of Planets: 34 Capital City: Arboria Government: Social Democracy Population: 179.6 billion Description: The Verdant Commonwealth is a flourishing starnation characterized by its lush, biodiverse planets and its commitment to democratic governance and social welfare. The Commonwealth's history is one of unity and cooperation, as various planets came together to form a cohesive alliance focused on sustainable development and shared prosperity. Customs and culture within the Verdant Commonwealth revolve around a deep appreciation for nature and ecological balance. Citizens are encouraged to live in harmony with their natural surroundings and participate in conservation efforts to protect the rich biodiversity of their planets. Arboria, the vibrant capital city, stands as a testament to this philosophy, where towering trees and verdant gardens coexist with modern infrastructure and bustling markets. The primary trade goods of the Verdant Commonw

Ursoid League

Starnation: Ursoid League Number of Planets: 124 Capital City: Forest Haven Government: Communal Council Population: 992.4 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Ursoid League has a rich history deeply intertwined with their reverence for nature and community. Originating from a group of forest-dwelling beings known as Ursoids, the starnation's culture places immense value on harmony with the natural world. They have cultivated a deep understanding of their planetary ecosystems and developed sustainable practices to ensure the preservation of their lush forests and diverse wildlife. Ursoids are known for their communal way of life, with decisions made through a democratic process, fostering a strong sense of unity and cooperation among their inhabitants. 2. Primary Trade Goods: The Ursoid League is renowned for its exceptional forestry and agricultural practices. They export a variety of high-quality timber, exotic fruits, medicinal herbs, and other natural reso

The Diamond Republic

Starnation: The Diamond Republic Number of Planets: 3 (3 gem-rich planets) Capital City: Loupe Government: Federation Population: 3.4 billion Description: 1. History, Customs, and Culture: The Diamond Republic traces its origins back to the discovery of the three gem-rich planets that form the heart of their starnation. The abundance of precious gems, especially diamonds, has played a pivotal role in shaping their history and culture. Throughout the ages, the people of The Diamond Republic have developed a deep appreciation for the beauty and value of these gemstones, which are not only used for adornment but also as symbols of prosperity and status. Their customs and traditions revolve around the meticulous craftsmanship and trade of these valuable resources, creating a vibrant and thriving gemstone industry. 2. Primary Trade Goods: As a starnation with three gem-rich planets, The Diamond Republic dominates the gemstone market across the galaxies. Their primary trade goods include hig

Sacred Star Empire

Starnation: Sacred Star Empire Religious Order: Church of Divine Providence Number of Planets: 17 Capital City: Sanctus Imperium Government Type: Imperial Monarchy Population: 68.5 billion The Sacred Star Empire stands as a majestic realm, spanning across 17 planets, and governed by the principles and teachings of the Church of Divine Providence. It is a starnation where spirituality and divine guidance shape every aspect of society, leading its inhabitants on a path of faith and righteousness. Sanctus Imperium, the glorious capital city of the Sacred Star Empire, radiates grandeur and reverence. It is a city adorned with majestic temples, intricate cathedrals, and palatial structures dedicated to the worship and veneration of the divine. Sanctus Imperium serves not only as the seat of governance but also as the spiritual center, where faithful pilgrims from across the starnation gather to seek solace, enlightenment, and the blessings of the divine. The Church of Divine Providence hold

Rals Republic

Starnation: Rals Republic Number of Planets: 11 Capital City: Rals City Government: Technocratic Rule Population: 56.6 billion The Rals Republic is a technologically advanced starnation known for its innovative spirit and scientific achievements. With eleven planets under its jurisdiction, it has established Rals City as its bustling capital, a hub of technological advancements and intellectual pursuits. Rals City, the heart of the Rals Republic, is a cityscape teeming with cutting-edge research facilities, laboratories, and educational institutions. It serves as a center for scientific exploration, technological development, and the dissemination of knowledge. The cityscape is adorned with futuristic architecture, showcasing the starnation's commitment to progress and technological prowess. The government of the Rals Republic is based on technocratic rule, where decision-making power is entrusted to a skilled and knowledgeable elite who specialize in scientific, technological, and