Xydzor Arcane Dominion

Starnation: Xydzor Arcane Dominion

Religious Order: Magicians of the Moon

Number of Planets: 3

Capital City: Asan

Government Type: Mageocracy

Population: 17.5 billion


The Xydzor Arcane Dominion is a mystical realm where the enigmatic Magicians of the Moon hold sway. Their mastery over arcane arts, harnessed from the radiant lunar energies, has shaped a civilization brimming with wonder and awe-inspiring feats. These gifted sorcerers have forged a profound connection with the celestial bodies, drawing power from the moon's mesmerizing glow.

1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The Xydzor Arcane Dominion's history is steeped in ancient lore and tales of lunar mysticism. It was born when the first magicians harnessed the moon's energy, unveiling secrets of cosmic magic. Their customs revolve around the phases of the moon, with various rituals performed during full moons and eclipses to channel celestial powers.

2. Religious Affiliation:

The Magicians of the Moon venerate the celestial bodies, particularly the moon, as a source of divine knowledge and enchantment. Their belief centers on the belief that the cosmos holds boundless arcane secrets, accessible to those with the right insights and dedication.

3. Primary Trade Goods:

The Xydzor Arcane Dominion is renowned for their enchanted artifacts and talismans. These wondrous creations harness the lunar essence and possess extraordinary powers. Their magic-infused goods are highly sought after, attracting traders and scholars from across the galaxy.

4. Current Domestic Policies:

As a Mageocracy, the Xydzor Arcane Dominion is governed by the most accomplished and respected magicians, known as the Lunar Archmages. Decisions are made through the lens of mystical wisdom and reverence for cosmic balance. Education in the arcane arts is highly encouraged, and all citizens undergo rigorous training in magical disciplines.

5. Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

The Xydzor Arcane Dominion often pursues diplomatic ties with other starnations, engaging in magical exchanges and sharing their insights with those willing to learn. Their magical prowess and knowledge make them valuable allies in the realms of artifice and defense.

6. Military:

In the defense of their magical realm, the Xydzor Arcane Dominion has an elite magical force called the "Lunar Enclave." Composed of skilled sorcerers, the Lunar Enclave combines their mystical abilities with strategic brilliance to protect their people and ward off potential threats. They prioritize defensive strategies and work to maintain peace with their neighbors, only resorting to force when necessary to preserve their way of life.

The Xydzor Arcane Dominion stands as a celestial wonder, a realm where the moon's glow illuminates every aspect of life. As guardians of ancient knowledge and masters of the mystic arts, they cherish the connection between the cosmic and the corporeal, inspiring awe and admiration among those who encounter their luminous realm.

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