Yeolnix Consortium

Starnation: Yeolnix Consortium

Number of Planets: 36

Capital City: Spaceport Zebra (space station)

Government: Corporate Meritocracy

Population: 217.9 billion


The Yeolnix Consortium boasts a fascinating history that traces back to its humble beginnings as an orbital free trade zone. Originally dominated by a handful of corporations, the capital city, Spaceport Zebra, was a bustling hub of commerce, innovation, and diverse cultural experiences. Laissez-faire policies, vibrant markets, and an array of entertainment venues, from street performers to big-name theaters, contributed to the lively atmosphere akin to the spirit of the "Wild West."

In a transformative event, five powerful corporations united and brought order to the once chaotic space station. Their efforts ignited a corporate revolution that rapidly spread across the station and eventually encompassed the planet below. This revolution extended its influence to nearby planets, culminating in the declaration of a new nation of 15 planets. Since then, 21 other planets have willingly joined the Yeolnix Consortium, forming a cohesive and prosperous starnation.

Despite the evolution of the starnation, the capital city, Spaceport Zebra, has managed to preserve some of its early atmospheric charm. The blend of modern corporate efficiency and remnants of the vibrant free trade zone culture creates a unique ambiance that enthralls visitors and residents alike.

1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The Yeolnix Consortium takes pride in its rich history of transforming from a chaotic free trade zone to an organized and prosperous starnation. Their customs embrace both the efficient corporate values and the entrepreneurial spirit that thrived during the free trade era. Cultural diversity is highly celebrated, and the starnation encourages innovation and creativity across various sectors.

2. Primary Trade Goods:

The Yeolnix Consortium is a commercial powerhouse, known for its cutting-edge research centers, industrial facilities, and spaceship construction. Its primary trade goods include advanced technologies, spacecraft, and a diverse range of products from the entertainment industry, such as virtual reality experiences, movies, and theater productions.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

The starnation maintains a corporate meritocracy, where leadership and decision-making positions are earned based on competence and achievements. Their domestic policies focus on fostering innovation, economic growth, and cultural exchange. Efforts are made to ensure that the unique identity of each planet is preserved while contributing to the collective prosperity of the Consortium.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications, Including Strategic Goals:

The Yeolnix Consortium prioritizes the expansion of its economic influence through peaceful diplomacy and strategic alliances. As a corporate meritocracy, they seek to strengthen their position as a leading player in interstellar trade, commerce, and research, while maintaining harmonious relations with neighboring starnations.

5. Military:

The Consortium relies on a private security force composed of well-trained personnel from the corporations that govern it. The military's primary role is to safeguard the starnation's interests, protect its citizens and assets, and ensure the security of its planets and space assets. Their emphasis lies in maintaining a strong and capable force to deter potential threats and preserve the Consortium's corporate-driven way of life.

In conclusion, the Yeolnix Consortium's journey from a chaotic free trade zone to a prosperous corporate meritocracy stands as a testament to their adaptability and determination. With its vibrant capital city and thriving trade, the Consortium continues to assert its presence as an economic powerhouse while fostering a dynamic and culturally rich society among the stars.

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