Zuy Tenh Dominion

Starnation: Zuy Tenh Dominion

Number of Planets: 25

Capital City: Qzar Tyn

Government: Monarchy

Population: 167.1 billion


The Zuy Tenh Dominion, with its 25 planets, is a realm steeped in the traditions of monarchy and regal splendor. Ruled by a hereditary monarch, this starnation exudes an air of nobility and grandeur, captivating its citizens and visitors alike with its majestic palaces and cultural heritage.


The history of the Zuy Tenh Dominion is a saga of ancient dynasties and tales of valor. Its founding monarchs united the disparate planets under a common banner, forging a dominion that endures through the ages. Throughout its history, the monarchy has upheld the values of honor, chivalry, and loyalty to the Crown, binding the diverse planets together in a harmonious alliance.

Customs and Culture:

In the Zuy Tenh Dominion, customs and rituals reflect the opulence and refinement of its royal heritage. The starnation's people embrace a sense of loyalty and devotion to the monarchy, upholding the age-old traditions of courtly manners and etiquette. Grand festivals, tournaments, and artistic showcases are hallmarks of their cultural landscape, displaying their profound appreciation for art and beauty.

Trade and Economy:

The Zuy Tenh Dominion's economy revolves around a mix of trade, agriculture, and advanced technology. Their skilled artisans craft exquisite works of art, while their technological advancements ensure sustainable development and economic prosperity for their planets.

Current Domestic Policies:

The monarchy holds a sacred responsibility to ensure the welfare of its subjects. Focusing on equitable distribution of resources and opportunities, the Zuy Tenh Dominion strives to maintain social harmony and prosperity for all its citizens.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

Under the leadership of the monarchy, the Zuy Tenh Dominion prioritizes stability and unity among its planets. They maintain diplomatic relations with neighboring starnations, seeking peaceful cooperation and mutual understanding. The Crown's unwavering commitment to its subjects has earned them the respect and admiration of other realms across the galaxy.


The Zuy Tenh Dominion maintains a formidable military known as the Crown's Guard. Their primary mission is to protect the dominion from external threats and safeguard the security of its planets. Their reputation for valor and chivalry makes them renowned throughout the cosmos.


The Zuy Tenh Dominion stands as a bastion of monarchy, where the splendor of royal traditions and culture entwines with modern advancements and unity. With a strong sense of honor and loyalty to their Crown, the starnation remains united and prosperous, epitomizing the regal majesty of the cosmos. As they continue to preserve their ancient heritage and forge diplomatic bonds with other starnations, the Zuy Tenh Dominion remains a radiant star in the galactic firmament.

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