454 Starnations - Maf: Starfleet Battles - 15 Starnations Random Sample


454 Starnations — Each different, each unique.

Explore the universe with Maf: Starfleet Battles featuring 454 starnations, each different and each unique.

Maf: Starfleet Battles is an MMORPG whose background covers several galaxies.

Of these, two play a significant role in the game: Snickers, home galaxy of the planet Maf, and the Milky Way, setting of the major protagonist — Terra (Earth)- capital planet of the Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic (IFTR) which later dissolved into a decade long civil war and was replaced by the warlord ruled Empire of Man (EOM).

Other galaxies play a minor role including the Magellanic Clouds, home of the Provinces of Magellan, a huge starnation spanning both clouds and consisting of over 5,000 individual planets.

Every starnation is operated by either a PC or an AI NPC. 

Below is a sample selection with their Headers. 

Each Header connects to a full description of the starnation.

  1. Starnation: Aquilon Federation
     Number of Planets: 95
     Capital City: Frostara
     Government: Parliamentary Republic
     Population: 1.72 trillion
  2. Starnation: Arcadia Union
     Number of Planets: 55
     Capital City: Genesis
     Government: Democratic Republic
     Population: 709 billion
  3. Starnation: ArcKed Republic
     Number of Planets: 71
     Capital City: Mystosia
     Government: Representative Democracy
     Population: 517 billion
  4. Starnation: Asper Nasii Commonwealth
     Number of Planets: 63
     Capital City: Prismora
     Government: Technocratic Meritocracy
     Population: 135 billion
  5. Starnation: Bando Fron Dominion
     Number of Planets: 83
     Capital City: Jasu
     Government: Federation
     Population: 758 billion
  6. Starnation: Helios Consortium
     Number of Planets: 26
     Capital City: Asbud Prime
     Government: Corporate Republic
     Population: 64 billion
  7. Starnation: New Terra Regency
     Number of Planets: 78
     Capital City: Terranova
     Government: Monarchic Theocracy
     Population: 364 billion
  8. Starnation: Pamargo Union of the Stars
     Number of Planets: 31
     Capital City: Gymsum
     Government: Consociationism
     Population: 173 billion
  9. Starnation: Pan-Galactic Consortium
     Number of Planets: 60
     Capital City: Relltred
     Government: Corporate Meritocracy
     Population: 472.2 billion
  10. Starnation: Ta’Ober Chisnan Technate
     Number of Planets: 39
     Capital City: BelTree Haven
     Government: Technocratic Oligarchy
     Population: 283 billion
  11. Starnation: Tenys Umkuillon Technocracy
     Number of Planets: 67
     Capital City: Lais Desi
     Government: Technocracy
     Population: 441 billion
  12. Starnation: Tov Arcus Coalition
     Number of Planets: 46
     Capital City: Xi
     Government: Coalition
     Population: 226 billion
  13. Starnation: Tsobriaete Collective
     Number of Planets: 42
     Capital City: Society’s Home
     Government: Hive Mind
     Population: 309 billion
  14. Starnation: Xylerian Ascendancy
     Number of Planets: 87
     Capital City: Zyleria Prime
     Government: Hegemony
     Population: 1.57 trillion
  15. Starnation: Yevgeni InterStellar Syndicate
     Number of Planets: 37
     Capital City: Etrag Mek
     Government: Oligarchic Syndicate
     Population: 91 billion

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