Andtai Commissariat

Starnation: Andtai Commissariat

Religious Order: Cult of the Blood Moon

Number of Planets: 4

Capital City: Umbra Citadel

Government Type: Authoritarian Dictatorship

Population: 8 billion


The Andtai Commissariat is a starnation devoted to the dark and secretive practices of the Cult of the Blood Moon. Spread across four planets, it operates under an authoritarian dictatorship, where power is concentrated in the hands of a ruthless ruler who claims to have a direct connection to the enigmatic Blood Moon entity.

Customs and Culture:

The customs and culture of the Andtai Commissariat are deeply influenced by the sinister beliefs of the Cult of the Blood Moon. Its inhabitants engage in dark rituals, bloodletting ceremonies, and occult practices that are shrouded in secrecy. The starnation's society is marked by fear, paranoia, and loyalty to the ruling elite, with a pervasive atmosphere of darkness and mystery.

Religious Affiliation:

The dominant religious order within the Andtai Commissariat is the Cult of the Blood Moon. Its adherents worship the malevolent Blood Moon entity, believing it grants them supernatural powers and bestows divine favor upon those who carry out its dark will. The cult's teachings revolve around the pursuit of power, domination, and the sacrifice of others for the sake of personal gain.

Primary Trade Goods:

The Andtai Commissariat is known for its production and trade of illicit goods, including illegal weaponry, banned substances, and artifacts associated with dark magic. They operate a clandestine network involved in smuggling, black market trade, and covert operations that further the cult's interests.

Current Domestic Policies:

Under the authoritarian dictatorship of the Andtai Commissariat, dissent is brutally suppressed, and individual freedoms are severely restricted. The government maintains tight control over all aspects of life, enforcing a strict code of obedience and loyalty to the ruling elite. Dissidents and non-believers are ruthlessly purged in the name of the Blood Moon's twisted ideology.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

The Andtai Commissariat seeks to expand its influence and spread the influence of the Cult of the Blood Moon to other starnations. Their foreign policy is driven by a desire for domination, subjugation, and the acquisition of resources to serve the cult's dark agenda. They employ espionage, sabotage, and coercion to manipulate and infiltrate other starnations, aiming to sow discord and chaos.


The military of the Andtai Commissariat, known as the Shadow Legion, is a fearsome force trained in both conventional warfare and dark magic. Their role extends beyond traditional defense and includes carrying out assassinations, covert operations, and enforcing the will of the ruling elite. The military serves as an instrument of fear, ensuring compliance and crushing any opposition to the cult's authority.

Additional Information:

The Cult of the Blood Moon maintains a strict hierarchy within its ranks, with high-ranking members enjoying great influence and privilege. Ritualistic blood sacrifices and acts of violence are believed to cleanse the adherents' souls and strengthen their connection to the Blood Moon entity. The cult also seeks to expand its knowledge of forbidden arts and ancient forbidden artifacts, believing they hold the key to unlocking greater power.

Population Estimate:

The Andtai Commissariat has a population of 8 billion inhabitants spread across its four planets. The capital city, Umbra Citadel, serves as the dark heart of the starnation, dominated by ominous architecture, hidden chambers, and the headquarters of the ruling dictatorship.

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