Aunatiustia Kingdom

Starnation: Aunatiustia Kingdom

Religious Order: Church of Eternal Devotion

Number of Planets: 2

Capital City: Devotionis Sanctum

Government Type: Monastic Theocracy

Population: 7.4 billion


Aunatiustia Kingdom is a starnation governed by a Monastic Theocracy, with the Church of Eternal Devotion as its central religious order. With two planets under its rule, the kingdom is renowned for its deep spiritual devotion and the influence of the church on its governance and way of life.

History, Customs, and Culture:

The history of Aunatiustia Kingdom is rooted in the teachings and principles of the Church of Eternal Devotion. The kingdom's customs and culture revolve around unwavering faith, devout religious practices, and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Aunatiustians value piety, discipline, and the harmonious integration of spirituality into all aspects of life.

Religious Affiliation:

The Church of Eternal Devotion holds absolute authority in Aunatiustia Kingdom. Its followers are deeply committed to the principles of eternal devotion and the worship of a divine entity. They engage in rigorous rituals, prayer, and contemplation, seeking spiritual fulfillment and connection with the divine. The church plays a central role in guiding the kingdom's laws and societal norms.

Primary Trade Goods:

Aunatiustia Kingdom focuses on sustainable agriculture, producing a variety of organic crops, medicinal herbs, and spiritual artifacts closely associated with their religious practices. They are known for their exquisite craftsmanship in creating sacred relics and intricate religious artworks, which are highly sought after by collectors and pilgrims.

Current Domestic Policies:

Under the rule of the Monastic Theocracy, Aunatiustia Kingdom promotes a strict adherence to religious doctrines and principles. The state actively supports religious education, the preservation of sacred sites, and the welfare of the clergy and monastic orders. Social cohesion and community values are strongly emphasized, and the kingdom encourages charitable acts and communal support.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

Aunatiustia Kingdom's political landscape is shaped by the influence of the Church of Eternal Devotion. The kingdom maintains a policy of non-interference in the affairs of other nations, prioritizing spiritual growth, and inner harmony over expansionist ambitions. They seek to establish peaceful relations and engage in cultural exchanges with other starnations that share similar religious values.


Aunatiustia Kingdom maintains a defensive military force known as the Devoted Guardians. The primary role of the military is to protect the kingdom's holy sites, ensure the safety of pilgrims, and defend against external threats. Their training combines martial skills with spiritual discipline, fostering a sense of loyalty and devotion to the kingdom's religious ideals.

Additional Information:

Aunatiustia Kingdom's landscapes are adorned with magnificent temples, monastic retreats, and sacred groves. The kingdom's inhabitants lead simple yet spiritually fulfilling lives, valuing introspection, meditation, and acts of compassion. Pilgrims from far and wide visit Devotionis Sanctum, the capital city, to seek solace, enlightenment, and the blessings of the divine.

Population Estimate:

Aunatiustia Kingdom has a population of approximately 7.4 billion individuals spread across its two planets. Devotionis Sanctum, the capital city, serves as the heart of religious activities, hosting grand ceremonies, pilgrimages, and serving as the residence of the religious clergy. The kingdom's population embodies a deep sense of spiritual devotion and reverence for the Church of Eternal Devotion.

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