Starnation: Casino

Number of Planets: 1

Capital City: Casino City

Government: Corporate State

Population: 3.4 billion


Located in the Confluence Region, Casino is a solitary starnation centered around a single planet, Tauri Regalia. Governed as a Corporate State, this starnation's society revolves around the influence and power of corporations, which play a central role in shaping policies and directing the course of the starnation's development.

The history of Casino is intertwined with the rise of powerful corporations that established a stronghold on the planet. Over time, these corporate entities consolidated their influence, eventually forming a collective known as the Corporate State. The starnation's economic landscape is dominated by industries ranging from entertainment and hospitality to cutting-edge technology and financial services, all orchestrated by the corporate giants.

Customs and culture within Casino reflect the indulgence and luxury associated with its namesake, with opulent resorts, grand entertainment complexes, and extravagant casinos dotting the landscape. The population enjoys a vibrant nightlife, with festivities lasting throughout the day and night. The citizens take pride in their starnation's reputation as a premier entertainment destination.

The primary trade goods in Casino revolve around the tourism and entertainment industry, attracting visitors from various starnations across the galaxy. Additionally, advanced technological innovations and financial services form key export products, contributing to the starnation's economic prowess.

In the realm of domestic policies, the Corporate State prioritizes business interests and economic growth. The government actively promotes the corporate sector, providing them with incentives to expand and innovate, which in turn drives economic prosperity for the entire starnation.

Casino's political and foreign policy implications are tightly linked to its corporate interests. The starnation actively engages in trade agreements, aiming to bolster its economic dominance across the galaxy. However, its focus on business interests sometimes overshadows considerations of social welfare, leading to a divide between the wealthy elite and the working class.

The military force of Casino is essentially a private security force maintained and funded by the corporations. This force safeguards corporate assets, ensuring that business operations remain undisturbed. Despite the corporate-led military, Casino maintains a neutral stance in most interstellar conflicts, aiming to preserve its reputation as a peaceful entertainment haven.

Additional Information:

Casino City, the capital, is an architectural marvel, featuring grandiose skyscrapers adorned with neon lights, holographic billboards, and eye-catching displays. The cityscape dazzles with its vibrant colors and bustling streets, capturing the essence of the starnation's exuberant spirit. The Casino Plaza, a central gathering point in the heart of Casino City, acts as a symbol of the Corporate State's power and prestige, hosting extravagant events and corporate expos that attract visitors from across the galaxy. The streets are lined with casinos, hotels, and luxurious shopping centers, offering a surreal experience to all who visit this entertainment wonderland.


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