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Maf: Starfleet Battles — Character Roles

After players have completed all the tutorials, they select the character and role they wish to play.

Players may have up to 5 characters on one account, each character may play a different role; with its own unique background, history, skills and belongings.

Players are not restricted in how to play their chracters. Players may act within their chosen role or in any manner they choose. Role bonuses will apply however the player chooses to act.

Multi-Role Character: A player may choose up to 3 roles to play for one character but the character must engage in each role during no less than 50 hours of game play or the role bonuses for skills will be forfeited. Money and starting equipment including ships are retained.

Skills increment at a rate of 1% per skill level. These are added to any base role bonus skill your character may have.

Dollar or Kredit bonuses below are added to a player’s starting amount of $500,000 Helvatica Dollars.

Players may choose from the following roles:

Actor-whether on stage or screen, holograph or virtual reality, you are good at your craft. You begin by being a recognizable-by-the-public of Kila Vas as an actor. Anywhere else, you are relatively unknown. Actors receive role bonuses of 10% in compensation and 5% in negotiation, persuasion and small talk. Actors begin with a mansion, condo or apartment anywhere in Kila Vas and $5,000,000 Helvatica Dollars. Contracts for acting are available from Career Agents or on the Kila Vas Market. Contracts for film, holograph or virtual reality (includes games), pay from $100,000 HD/SK up to $1,000,000 HD/SK or more per week. Plays or any stage performance will pay from $25,000 HD/SK to $100,000 HD/SK per day.

Artist-This role is reserved for those who seek to participate in the art world whether that be sculpting, fine art painting, hand crafts of some sort, or any other art or design function in which a fine artistic sense is required. Contracts for artwork are available from Career Agents or on the Kila Vas Market. Most contracts begin at $25,000 and scale upwards depending on the size and complexity of the artwork being requested. Role bonuses: 10% in small talk, 1% in dexterity, 1% intelligence, 1% endurance, $1,000,000 in Stellar Kredits and a small rented studio.

Agriculturalist — An Agriculturalist specializes in the growth and harvesting of all food items. As a farmer, vineyard owner or rancher, the food they produce has 10% more nutrient value and is 10% tastier. This role also includes characters who wish to explore botany or exobotany, flora of any kinds and research of plants.

Assassin-As may be guessed, this role is strictly for players assuming an Assassin identity. Assassins are “guns-for-hire,” receiving compensation in exchange for their services. Assassins are skilled in stealthy deployment, evasion, surveillance, knowledge of a wide variety of weapons and accuracy in the use of those weapons. Some Assassins may specialize in poisons, bomb-making, making deaths appear accidental or by suicide, etc. Assassins receive a 10% role bonus in weapons accuracy, range, evasion, surveillance, effectiveness of devices and stealthy deployment (remaining undetected by suspects or police while engaged in their profession). And $1,000,000 Stellar Kredits.

Bounty Hunter-Charged with the discovery and return of fugitives from justice, Bounty Hunters are skilled in tracking, locating, persuasion, and in detaining suspects and receive a 10% role bonus in each of these skills. Bounty Hunters receive a 5% role bonus in the knowledge, usage and accuracy of weapons.

Business-Business is a generic term covering all aspects of business not otherwise covered by these Roles. Business includes business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, accountants, and specialists of all kinds engaged in business pursuits. All Business roles receive a 10% role bonus in persuasion, (getting another party to agree to your terms), 10% in bargaining, (10% less cost for items purchased, 5% greater than market price for items sold, 2% less on taxes due) and 1% greater intelligence.

Captain-Commanding Officer of a ship of any size. Players begin as the CO of a frigate of either military or commercial use. Captains receive a 10% role bonus each in leadership, knowledge of ship weapons, systems and spacecraft engineering (each a separate skill), navigation, persuasion, brawling and communications and minus 1% in ship fuel consumption.

Cargo Runner-This role is for players seeking a career in hauling cargo from one location to another. Beginning with a corvette-sized transport, Cargo Runners receive 10% role bonuses in persuasion, bargaining, ship systems and spacecraft engineering. Their ships also require 10% less fuel.

City Builder-As a City Builder, you’ll have the extraordinary opportunity to create and shape cities from the ground up. Your role is to craft entirely new urban centers that may consist of a single building or expand to a thousand or more, depending on your vision. The canvas is yours to paint upon.

However, we encourage you to imbue your city with a sense of place. The structures you erect should harmonize with the history, customs, culture, and traditions of the region where you’re building. In cases where no such background exists, our dedicated History and Customs Engineers are at your service to infuse your city with a rich narrative that aligns with the game world.

In instances where you choose to construct on a yet-undiscovered planet, kindly furnish details such as the planet’s name, location, solar type, diameter, gravity, and its proximity to its sun. This information will allow us to seamlessly integrate your creation into the game’s universe.

As a City Builder, you will be granted a single Building License, which grants you unlimited construction rights. No Building Lot License is required as the land is already yours. Your creative freedom knows no bounds regarding the distance between structures, but each new building should be connected to a prior one. Feel free to own, sell, or lease the buildings you create.

Should your vision include businesses that necessitate licenses to operate (such as stores, factories, hotels, and more), please be aware that you won’t be able to manage these enterprises personally.

Think of your role as akin to securing a loan from the World Bank, or an alternative of your choosing. You’ll use this financial backing to procure materials, supplies, and hire a Construction Company for the building’s realization. Your net worth will surge in tandem with the value of the buildings you produce. For instance, constructing $40 million Helvatica dollars worth of buildings will lead to a $40 million increase in your net worth.

To keep your city unique and vibrant, we encourage you to create buildings that are unique and different from each other, but you may employ the Cookie Cutter technique to save on creative demands. To employ a “Cookie Cutter” technique; while buildings in a development project may share a common design (up to 25 identical buildings), the next set of 25 must introduce enough variety that a casual observer can readily distinguish them from the previous group.

As a City Builder, you can anticipate several role bonuses, including an increase in net worth equivalent to the value of your constructions, a 5% boost in bargaining and negotiation skills, and the privilege to borrow unlimited funds from the bank as your city takes shape. The best part? This loan is “forgivable,” meaning you won’t be obligated to repay it.

With your visionary creations, you will leave an indelible mark on our world. Become a City Builder today and redefine the landscapes of our universe!

Colonist-Players begin as a member of a colony on a random planet, moon or space facility or they may choose their starting location. Players choosing this role receive 10% role bonuses in survival, endurance, communications, bargaining and tool knowledge and tool usage. Colonists receive a living space which may be dorm style or private living quarters depending on the age of the colony and the wealth of that colony.

Combat Medic-These players are assigned to a military force as their medic. Combat medics receive 10% bonus in healing self, healing others, endurance and strength. They also receive a 10% role bonus in persuasion.

Crime Boss-This role is the head a of a crime syndicate, gang or group of career criminals. They receive a 10% bonus in weapons usage and accuracy and a 15% bonus in persuasion, bargaining and extortion. Leadership bonus is 5%. See the Crime Boss post for additional details about this role.

Criminal-Crime is your game and you play it well. Criminal applies to any and all illegal activities not covered by other roles. You can be a generalist and participate in any and every criminal activity or you may specialize in any criminal activity-forgery, fraud, extortion, trafficking, fencing, money laundering, murder, protection, kidnapping, smuggling, etc. Even activities covered by other roles are open to you to participate in, (you’re a criminal-rules don’t apply to you). Roles bonuses: $100,000 in Helvatica Dollars, a corvette sized yacht — not armed and not shielded, 1 bedroom studio apartment in a location of your choice, +1% in persuasion, small talk, brawling, negotiation, weapons accuracy (any weapon), escape, evasion, ship maunvering but minus 1% in stealth.

Cyberneticist-The player assuming this role is skilled at the integration and use of cyberchips used within the body or for servomechanisms. This character receives a 10% role bonus in cybernetics, biology and anatomy. Recipients of their cyberchips receive a 10% bonus in whatever skill or body enhancement they have received.

Diplomat-This role is for characters who have experience in diplomacy and politics. Role bonuses are 10% each in persuasion, bargaining and small talk. Diplomats may receive missions to travel to and speak with representatives of friendly, neutral or not-friendly states, corporate leaders and executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, gang members or gang leaders, Crime Bosses or Empire Builders.

Doctor/Surgeon-This is two similar roles, players must select one or the other. A Doctor is a general practitioner in the medical field and may specialize in any of a number of fields. A Surgeon is a specialist skilled in any one of a variety of surgical procedures. Both roles receive 10% bonuses in persuasion, small talk and healing of self and healing of others, knowledge of medicines and medicinal herbs and recreational drugs. Surgeons may receive a 5% additional bonus in healing of others at the cost of a 5% reduction in small talk.

Drone Operator-Skilled at the assembly, engineering of, deployment, control and use of drones. Role bonuses are: 10% in assembly speed, reverse engineering, drone range, drone control, number of drones under control, targeting, tracking and accuracy of the drones under their command.

Empire Builder-This unique advanced role begins with the player owning a planetary nation on Maf or a nearby solar system, a one-planet starnation near to Maf or a four-planet starnation far from Maf at a random location or a location of the player’s choosing. Role bonuses consist of 10% leadership, 10% persuasion and 10% bargaining. Their nation is advanced and may be just venturing into space for a planetary nation or already has a space presence for the starnations.

Engineer-This role provides characters with knowledge of engineering. Players may select any five of the engineering specialty fields: Civil; dams, bridges, highways, ports and airports. 10% bonus in construction speed and strength of each: Research; 10% bonus each in reverse engineering, inventions, optimization: Pipeline; 10% bonus in construction speed, strength of pipeline, amount of material carried through pipeline and in speed of material transiting through pipeline: Space; covering a space and orbital structures and facilities but excluding spacecraft of all kinds; 10% bonus in speed of construction, strength of construction and 10% reduction in cost of construction: Spacecraft; includes all spacecraft and space vehicles of all kinds; 10% bonus in speed of construction, reduction in cost of construction and 5% bonus in strength.

Entertainer-Whether you are a singer, comedian/comedienne, play in a band, sing karaoke for drinks or pay, or entertain others in any other way, you have fun and help others to have a good time. Role bonuses: 5% for leadership, 1% for small talk, persuasion and negotiation. $100,000 Helvatica Dollars.

Evangelist-You experience the presence of your god. This role includes priests, pastors, Fathers, nuns, monks, missionaries and similar. You have a home church you use as your base. Role bonuses include 10% connection to the deity of your choice, healing of self, healing of others, persuasion, small talk, 10% if asking for donations of any kind. You begin with a 2 bedroom home near your home church. Nuns and monks have dorm-style living quarters, although this could be two, three or four-person rooms.

Explorer-This jack-of-all-trades specializes in exploring planet surfaces, subterranean areas or deep space. Role bonuses: 10% in analyzing charts, maps and readouts, discovery of debris fields, ore, minerals, rare gems, metals, minerals or earths, salvage fields or salvageable items, (10% higher chance of discovery), 10% bonus in repair of tools and equipment, 5% bonus in communications, stealth and hacking. Player receives $3 million credits (Helvatica Dollars) to purchase equipment, food, supplies, tools, other material, medical supplies, uniforms, clothing, vehicles or for purchase of or down payment on a spacecraft.

Factory Designer Builder-You have the gift of building highly Optimized Factories, Production Facilities, Processing Plants, Shipyards, Refineries etc, of all kinds. Every facility you build is 10% Optimized, (10% Optimized = 10 points Optimization). Every facility that receives raw materials and processes those raw materials into something else is available for you to build. You may practice and refine your design and construction skills on a computer-simulated prototype. Role bonuses include $5,000,000 Helvatica dollars, 5% Negotiation, 5% Bargaining, 25% reduction in Construction Company costs to build each facility you build, but only if you charge regular prices or higher to your end customer. If you build a factory or manufacturing facility for yourself, your Construction costs are 12% less..

Fashion Designer-You set the standard in fashion and your fashion sense is astonishing. Your annual (or semi-annual or quarterly) offerings are widely anticipated by the fashion-minded public. You reside in a $1,000,000 condo in a swanky residential tower in Kila Vas, the Universe’s capital for the fashion industry. You also own a floor in a warehouse or office building where you create your artistic fashion statements. Role bonuses: $1,000,000 condo, office or warehouse floor ownership, $5,000,000 Helvatica Dollars, +1% in small talk and persuasion, +5% in negotiation.

Fisher-This role applies to either recreational or commercial fishing. Character receives 10% role bonuses in identifying fishing locations, size of catch, nutrient value, tastiness, bargaining, small talk and tall tales. Player receives $1,000,000 to purchase equipment, materials or supplies.

Gangster-This role receives role bonuses of 10% in weapons knowledge of up to five weapons, assembly and disassembly of those weapons, accuracy and usage of weapons, brawling (melee combat), persuasion, extortion and 5% bonus in evasion.

General-Beginning as a Colonel of The Empire (Empire of Xanydeo and Xanthus), you are the Commanding Officer of a brigade sized force. You must successfully complete four combat missions to attain the rank of General. At the conclusion of World War 3 in 1987, many believed much, if not all, of the world’s nations had become exhausted by war and would not send their fatigued troops and depleted armies into combat any time soon. Some of these actors felt now was the time to strike toward their goals, whether that be secession, independence, rebellion, insurrection, piratism, banditry or similar.

In their assessments, these actors were often correct; many nations would not act against aggression if it did not directly affect their homeland or strategic holdings. Only one nation, The Empire (Empire of Xanydeo and Xanthus) and the paramilitary organization, the Janastian Warhawks, arose to defend international law and order.

From 1988 to 2000, The Empire found itself embroiled in military conflicts across the globe, from the Arctic steppes and mountains to desert vistas to jungles to distant islands, the Empire’s forces assaulted islands, defended desert caravans, stormed mountain strongholds and restored peace and order.

Role bonus as a Colonel include 5% leadership, persuasion, strategy, tactics, logistics, operational art, analysis of maps, charts, tables and readouts, 10% communications, weapons, weapons knowledge weapons assembly and disassembly.

Each of these skills increase by 1% at the conclusion of each of the first three combat missions and 2% at the conclusion of the fourth combat mission.

After each successful mission, your command grows by one brigade. After the successful conclusion of the fourth combat mission, you are promoted to General, receive a bonus of $1,000,000 and you may choose either a personal aircraft or personal spacecraft. You now command a four-brigade Army Corps.

Upon acceptance of your fifth combat mission, you will be asked to choose a fifth brigade of a type at your discretion to add to your force. You may choose Logistics, Armored, Mechanized (APC & truck borne infantry and light armored assault vehicles), Infantry, Air Assault (helicopter-borne infantry), Air Attack (attack helicopters), Armored Cavalry or a specialized type as your next mission may require; Arctic, Mountain, Jungle, Desert, Marines.

You may also add up to five separate companies at your discretion of: Logistics, Engineers (construction), Mechanics (repair), Medics, Headquarters (administration), Communications, Artillery, NBC, Marines, Military Police, Infantry, Armored, Air Assault, Air Attack, Mechanized, PsyCorps, Diplomacy, Intelligence, Air Support (attack aircraft), Drones, Missile, Cyber, Special Forces, Arctic, Desert, Mountain, Jungle or NightRangers (night assault infantry). These can be all of one type or mix units for up to five types as you see fit.

Hacker-This role enables the character hack into computers and cyber networks, create, deploy or neutralize viruses, clandestinely spy or listen in on computer users or on locations where security cameras or electronic devices connected to the net are installed. Role bonus includes 10% bonus in hacking, creating, deploying and disabling viruses, detecting cyber intrusions, countering cyber intrusions and communications.

Hunter-You love hunting. Whether big game, exotic creatures or smaller fauna, this role receives 10% bonus in targeting, tracking (with a weapon or a system), tracking by ground, accuracy, locating hunting areas, locating game targets, and tall tales. You can choose a villa, home or ranch in Hunter’s Ranch, Resortia or King Ranch or a home, apartment or condo in Kila Vas. to

Industrialist-This character owns factories, mines, oil fields, gas fields, trucking companies, cargo airlines or shipping companies (cargo ships). You begin with any one of your choice and $3,000,000 Helvatica Dollars. 10% role bonus in small talk, persuasion, bargaining and efficiency of factory production, mine yield, oil field or gas field production.

Investigator — This role could take you across the galaxies, down deep, dark and dangerous alleys or to little old ladies who’ve lost their cat — or maybe a million dollars. Your job is to investigate; to solve mysteries, murders, suicides, lost, potentially stolen documents, software, holoware or secrets, find the missing person (or cat), track down people who wish to stay hidden, trace corporate espionage and track wyward wives and husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends. Role bonuses: $100,000 Stellar Kredits, 10% for tracking, persuasion and “truthsense” (knowing when someone is lying or telling the truth), 5% for small talk, negotiation, personal stealth (useful when following someone), 2% endurance and intelligence.

Kila Vas Real Estate Owner-You may choose either of two distinct time periods — “Old” Kila Vas, spanning 1980 to 1987, or the “New” Kila Vas, which encompasses 1988 to 2000.

If you opt for “Old” Kila Vas, your options are diverse. You can select a coastal tract of land or within several miles inland or opt for an existing building within the “Old” Financial District. Among the available choices, approximately 100 out of the 300 buildings in the “Old” Financial District are at your disposal.

In “Old” Kila Vas, coastal properties are primarily designated for industrial purposes or those related to industrial support and infrastructure. This includes seaports, airports, refineries, ore processing plants, desalinization facilities, waste management facilities, factories, warehouses, shipyards, train stations, train railyards, manufacturing facilities, and any infrastructure development such as light rail stations or subways.

Conversely, choosing the “New” Kila Vas period allows you to select a location anywhere within the city, excluding “Old” Kila Vas and corporate land holdings claims. Your allotted space measures 62,720 square meters along the coast or inland and maintains a consistent dimension of 112 meters by 520 meters, whether you’re in “Old” or “New” Kila Vas.

If you choose, you may designate any “shape” to your 62,720 square meter tract of land.

Your Building License pertains solely to the land in your possession, and it cannot be used for construction elsewhere or on behalf of other players. While you enjoy the freedom to construct any structure of your choice, businesses requiring a Game License, such as hotels, casinos, banks, shops/stores, factories, or warehouses, require the appropriate License to operate. However, a Restaurant License for your property is included as part of this role.

As a Kila Vas Real Estate Owner, you benefit from a 5% boost in both negotiation and bargaining skills. Additionally, you have access to unlimited funds when constructing a building, with the unique distinction that these funds are “forgivable,” meaning repayment is unnecessary.

Furthermore, your net worth experiences a simultaneous increase in value as you build or acquire land. If you completely build out or develop your tract, not lease, trade or sell it, you may request another to be assigned to you.

Should you decide to forego construction, you maintain the flexibility to sell, rent, or lease the land to other players, entrusting them with the choice of development.

Mage — Whether you are a “lowly” Mage or a high-level ArchMage, you are highly skilled in both the roles of Magician and Illusionist. But it doesn’t stop there. Mage also includes the role of President or Psionicist. A Mage is 3 roles in one, providing for a very powerful (and wealthy) character. Mages usually reside in a nation dedicated to the study of and practice of magic. Role bonuses: $5,000,000 Helvatica Dollars, 12% role bonus in persuasion, hypnosis, mass hypnosis, 10% evasion, stealth, bargaining, sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and reverse engineering, plus role bonuses for either President or Psionicist.

Magician/Illusionist-This is two similar but distinct roles. Magician-People may think you use tricks, mirrors, sleight-of-hand and gimmicks to pull off your magic act, and they would be right — for now. But you know there is a dark side to the world of magic, a world where true magic exists and you aim to discover that world. Role bonus for magician is 10% evasion, stealth, persuasion, bargaining, sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and reverse engineering.

Illusionist-Using illusions and hypnosis, you get people to believe something which didn’t happen or is not true. 12% role bonus in persuasion, hypnosis, mass hypnosis, 10% bonus in bargaining, evasion and stealth.

Merchant-This role could range from a kiosk in a mall, a stall on the side of the road or a small store. 10% role bonuses in bargaining, small talk, persuasion and communications. Choose kiosk in a mall, roadside stand or small stand-alone store. Player receives $350,000 Helvatica Dollars.

Military-This character is a member of an armed force. This could be the military of a nation, the security force, army or space force of a corporation or a private military organization (mercenary company). 10% role bonus in weapons knowledge, assembly and disassembly, accuracy, range, endurance, brawling (melee combat) and strength.

Miner-This character lives to mine. Whether it’s minerals, gems, ores, gasses or some specialized area, on ground or in space, this role provides 10% role bonuses in locating mining items, mining yield, bargaining, communications, endurance. Player receives either an entry level mining spacecraft or a small group of mining vehicles and equipment and 2 entry level mining drones.

Pilot-This role includes pilot of an aircraft, spacecraft or a fighter pilot of a star fighter, naval fighter or air force fighter or a competition pilot. Must complete three combat missions to be assigned a wingman. 10 combat missions awards command of a 4 aircraft/spacecraft squadron. 30 combat missions awards command of a wing (4 “flights” of 4 squadrons each) of 64 air or spacecraft. Role bonuses include 10% bonus in small talk, targeting and tracking, accuracy, dogfighting (or if non-combat craft 10% bonus in manuverabilty and 10% in fuel reduction), speed, tall tales and persuasion.

Pilots may also be a pilot of a small starship assuming the role of navigator and helms. A Captain may assign a Pilot role combining the positions of helm (manuvering the ship) and navigation to any sized ship.

Pirate — This role is for those who seek a life of raiding and/or capturing ships traveling through space, raiding outposts or space stations and living off the loot they have captured. Pirates typically attack and loot ships travelling through space, usually avoiding military or well-armed civilian ships. But the choice is yours. Pirates may also attack space stations, ground or orbital outposts, research facilities, mining facilities etc. Role bonuses: +10% shield strength, +1% each for persuasion, small talk, negotiation and bargaining, +2% for ship stealth and speed, +1% in ship fuel consumption (not a good thing), +1% in weapons strength and range, +2% in drone range, shield strength and damage, +5% in ship evasion and manuvering. Pirates begin with $1,000,000 Stellar Kredits, a lightly armed and non-shielded frigate that they have captured — you will have to install shields and weapons, and a crew of 5. 5 is enough crew to operate the ship at its most basic level.

President — You are the President or Head of State (if any other name than President) of a country or starnation of any type or size. You will need to buy the country or starnation. Role bonuses: 10% in leadership, small talk, self-healing, persuasion and negotiation, 1% in endurance and intelligence. You reside in the housing provided for the President. You also receive $1,000,000 Helvatica Dollars.

Psionicist-Initially you have 10% skill level in each of telepathy, clairvoyance, remote seeing, clairaudience and telekenesis. These all increase by 1% after each successful attempt of any of these. At 50% skill level of these, additional bonuses include 10% communications, hypnosis and mass hypnosis, stealth and evasion. At 100%, player has a 10% bonus in whatever field or activity they choose during an action. Role bonuses include 10% bargaining, small talk and persuasion.

Sailing-Whether a kayak, rowboat, dinghy, yacht or a 4-masted schooner, this role assumes competency in any sail-equipped craft or a surfboard, boogie board, rowboat, kayak, scull, or other water-borne craft. 10% role bonuses in sailing, navigation, sailing ship manuverability (transferable to spacecraft), persuasion, small talk, tall tales.

Security-This role includes bouncer, military or corporate security personnel, private security, diplomatic security personnel, transport security personnel, “mall cops” and bodyguards. Role bonuses include 10% detection of threats, weapons knowledge, accuracy, range, crowd control small talk, brawling, strength, endurance. Mall cops receive only 5% of each bonus and zero in brawling, strength and endurance, but 15% in crowd control.

Sorceror/Wizard-These are two similar but separate roles available for advanced players. A Sorceror is a person who uses spells and conjuring to compel spiritual beings and entities and spiritual forces to do his or her will. 5% role bonus in bargaining, persuasion, negotiation, evasion and personal stealth. Wizard-This role is a high level magic user who has reached the stage of combining the Magician and Illusionist roles. Role bonuses: 14% role bonus in persuasion, hypnosis, mass hypnosis, 12% bonus in bargaining, slight of hand, misdirection, evasion and personal stealth.

Space Craft Designer Builder — This role is an endeavor for those who wish to explore the art of spacecraft design or consider it a lifelong career. Here, your imagination knows no bounds.

With unlimited credits at your disposal, you can craft one prototype and up to three additional copies of each spacecraft model you design. Whether your vision encompasses drones, tugs, fuelers, cargo ships, passenger liners (starliners), mining vessels, or warships, the choice is entirely yours.

As part of this role, you’ll be equipped with a Starship Construction Company License, which, while invaluable, cannot be transferred, leased, or traded. This exclusive license empowers you to construct an unlimited fleet of ships, allowing you to pursue your interstellar dreams unhindered.

Your financial horizons will expand in tandem with the net worth of the ships you create. Beginning with your fifth ship within each design category, the cost of materials for each vessel you construct will be set at the market rate minus a 10% discount.

As an esteemed Space Craft Designer Builder, your talents are further augmented by a 10% increase in bargaining and negotiation skills. To facilitate the construction of your initial four ships within each class, you enjoy the privilege of borrowing unlimited funds from the bank. There is no need to repay this loan. Moreover, your net worth will surge by an amount commensurate with the value of the ships you produce.

This is your opportunity to chart new frontiers and leave an indelible mark on the cosmos. Embrace the role of a Space Craft Designer Builder, and let your starships illuminate the vast expanse of our universe!

Space Station Designer Builder —This role is for those with the vision to create space stations and a variety of space structures, be they habitable habitats or uninhabited observation posts, drone stations, sentry outposts, navigation waypoints, shipyards, warehouses, and more.

As a Space Station Designer Builder, you’ll hold the coveted Starport License, granting you the authority to erect an unlimited array of space stations in any location within our vast universe.

To fuel your imaginative endeavors, we offer unlimited funds, effectively a loan from the bank (typically the World Bank, unless you have a different preference). The unique aspect of this loan is that it’s “forgivable,” meaning there’s no obligation for repayment.

Your creative freedom is boundless. Feel free to construct, own, and manage as many space stations as you desire. However, please note that operating businesses that require separate Game Licenses, such as casinos, banks, hotels, factories, stores, and shipyards, entails acquiring the relevant licenses or enlisting specialized management companies.

In the event that your space structure remains unused by fellow players for a period exceeding 90 days, the bank will initiate the process of repossessing your property, subsequently selling it for its scrap value. This action will lead to a reduction in your net worth equivalent to the property’s worth.

Should the bank need to repossess 10 of the space stations you’ve constructed, your Starport License will be temporarily suspended. To regain this license, you will be required to make a purchase of that License.

As a Space Station Designer Builder, you’ll enjoy a 10% boost in both negotiation and bargaining skills. You’ll also have the privilege of unlimited funds for your space structure projects. Your net worth will expand in parallel with the value of the space stations you bring to fruition, making your contributions all the more rewarding.

Special Forces-This highly trained individual works in small groups, often under cover of night to execute specialized plans of their government or employer. Role bonuses include 10% in evasion, detection, communications, bargaining, endurance and strength. 15% role bonuses in weapons, weapon knowledge, assembly and disassembly, range, accuracy and brawling.

Sports Team Owner-Whether it’s a famous team in a big sport or a smaller team in a less familiar sport, you own a sports team. For the game, you have a choice of either; Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football (American Football), Hockey, or Soccer. Golf and Tennis may be coming soon. Role Bonuses include: 5% in each of Bargaining, Negotiation, Persuasion, Leadership, Small Talk and Tall Tales. You begin with any one team from those above, plus you own the stadium they play in, (50,000 seat stadium for Football or Soccer, 30,000 seats for Baseball or Boxing and 20,000 for Hockey or Basketball), a 15 room mansion in the Longwoods area of Kila Vas, 4 cars of your choice, one private 7 seat jet and $30,000,000 Helvatica Dollars.

Televangelist-You may or may not believe the words you speak, but you do know how to profit by them. Role bonuses include 15% persuasion, small talk, bargaining, tall tales, 10% leadership, healing of self, endurance. Role bonuses also include a palatial residence in a location of the player’s choosing, private jet or spacecraft, 5 vehicles of the players choosing, a 5,000 seat arena used as your church, and 20 million Helvatica Dollars.

Thief-This specialized role covers any type of thieving including pickpocketing. Role bonuses: 10% in pickpocketing, theft success of any kind, 5% in evasion, escape, 2% small talk and persuasion.


1. Urban Warrior: This role could encompass various forms of combat, including MMA, boxing, martial arts, or even street fighting. Urban Warriors are known for their physical prowess and combat skills, making them formidable in hand-to-hand combat situations. They may also have to navigate the world of underground fight clubs and competitions, seeking fame and fortune through their combat abilities.

2. Corporate Warrior: In the corporate world, negotiation and strategic thinking are the weapons of choice. Corporate Warriors excel in mergers and acquisitions, business strategies, and financial negotiations. They may work for powerful corporations, seeking to expand their influence or protect their interests in a cutthroat business environment.

3. Traditional Warrior: Traditional Warriors draw inspiration from historical warriors, indigenous tribes, knights, or similar archetypes. They are skilled in the use of traditional weapons, combat techniques, and honor codes. These characters may find themselves defending their tribes, embarking on quests, or participating in medieval-style tournaments.

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