Domains of the Lizard Kings

Starnation: Domains of the Lizard Kings

Number of Planets: 9

Capital City: Rhea Ghiis

Government: Tribal Confederation

Population: 45.6 billion


The Domains of the Lizard Kings, nestled within the expanse of 9 neighboring solar systems, carry a unique history that remains shrouded in secrecy. Originally marked by a rapid and aggressive expansion across the cosmos, the Lizard Kings swiftly colonized each available planet, growing their dominion at an astonishing pace. However, the tides of destiny took a dramatic turn when they arrived at the 9th planet, Tarnemman.

Here, a mysterious and profound event unfolded, one veiled in religious or spiritual significance. This enigmatic occurrence prompted a radical shift in the mindset of the Lizard Kings. Their once-aggressive demeanor gave way to introspection and gentility. The alluring pull of expansion was relinquished, and the Lizard Kings redirected their focus towards a path of deeper understanding.

Rhea Ghiis, the capital city, stands as a testament to their evolved outlook. In the heart of the Domains, it echoes not only with the history of expansion but also with the transformative event that changed their trajectory. Though the citizens of the Domains of the Lizard Kings do not openly speak about this pivotal moment to outsiders, the effects of that spiritual awakening resonate throughout their society.

Gathered under a Tribal Confederation, the Lizard Kings have chosen a collective path forward, one that honors their newfound perspective. A sense of harmony and cooperation prevails, and their confederation ensures that each planet within their domain is an integral part of the larger whole.

With a population of 45.6 billion, the Domains of the Lizard Kings are a realm where the past and present intertwine in a unique tapestry. The legacy of their early expansion is balanced by the wisdom and insight gained through their transformation, making this starnation a blend of ambition, reflection, and unity.

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