Drake Federation

Starnation: Drake Federation

Number of Planets: 1,000+ planets

Capital City: Krag Heap

Government: Imperial Dictatorship

Population: 17 trillion+


The Drake Federation, under the iron-fisted rule of George Drake, emerged as a powerful force from the ashes of the Galactic Civil War that shattered the Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic (IFTR). George Drake, a charismatic and ambitious leader, rapidly rose to prominence during the conflict and swiftly expanded his dominion to over a thousand planets.

1. The Rise of George Drake:

Amidst the chaos of the civil war, George Drake emerged as a powerful warlord, displaying remarkable strategic acumen and leadership skills. Starting with just six planets, he swiftly carved a path of conquest and dominance, expanding his influence to over a thousand planets within a mere five years, making him one of the most formidable figures in the Milky Way.

2. A Dictator's Ambition:

George Drake's ambition knows no bounds. Even during the uneasy peace, he continued his rapid expansion, consolidating power and influence over new territories with relentless determination. His dictatorial grip over the Drake Federation has made him a force to be feared and respected by his subjects and rivals alike.

3. Imperial Council in Name Only:

Although ostensibly governed by an Imperial Council system, the Drake Federation is, in reality, a true dictatorship driven by the singular will of George Drake. His iron-fisted rule brooks no dissent, and his commands are absolute, leaving no room for challenge or opposition.

4. Ambitious and Aggressive:

George Drake's reputation as one of the most ambitious and aggressive warlords in the Milky Way is well-founded. He views expansion and conquest as the key to cementing his dominion and solidifying his place among the galaxy's most powerful rulers. His unyielding pursuit of supremacy drives the actions of the Drake Federation on all fronts.

5. The Capital City of Krag Heap:

The heart of the Drake Federation lies in its capital city, Krag Heap. A symbol of Drake's dominance and power, this bustling metropolis serves as the epicenter of governance and control, housing the core of the Federation's administrative apparatus.

Additional Information:

The Drake Federation, under the authoritarian rule of George Drake, represents a stark contrast to the era of peace that once defined the Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic. Drake's rise to power and his expansionist policies have reshaped the balance of power in the Milky Way, leaving a trail of conquest and fear in his wake. As the Drake Federation continues its rapid expansion, other powerful warlords and civilizations in the galaxy must navigate a tense and uncertain landscape. George Drake's iron rule ensures that the Drake Federation remains a force to be reckoned with, its ambitions intertwined with the fate of the cosmos itself. The galaxy watches with trepidation as this formidable dictatorship shapes the course of cosmic history.

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