Empire of Man

Starnation: Empire of Man

Number of Planets: 700,000+ planets

Capital City: New New York, New York, Earth

Government: Imperialist

Population: 800 trillion+

Established: August 13, 5215 AD


The Empire of Man arose from the tumultuous aftermath of a short but devastating war between the Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic (IFTR) and the Starnation of Maf. In 5203 AD, the IFTR emerged victorious, yet Maf's cunning negotiations in the peace treaty allowed them to break free from confinement, leading to a shocking turn of events that sent shockwaves through the Milky Way.

1. The "Peace Treaty" and Outrage:

Following Maf's skillful negotiations, the terms of the peace treaty seemingly granted them victory despite their military defeat. The IFTR was confined to the 80% of the Milky Way it had already conquered, while Maf gained unrestricted expansion rights. The revelation of this outcome left IFTR's officials, military leaders, and populace outraged, horrified, and mortified at the perceived injustice.

2. The Galactic Civil War:

Outraged factions within the IFTR began squabbling, which escalated into open warfare in 5205 AD, engulfing the entire Milky Way in a devastating civil war. The conflict raged for a decade, resulting in immense destruction and loss of life as powerful warlords vied for dominance over the cosmos.

3. Rise of the Warlords:

Amidst the chaos, 16 powerful warlords emerged as dominant figures, each controlling an autonomous region of the Milky Way. The warlords command their own space fleets and wield significant power over their territories, often operating with varying degrees of independence from the central government.

4. Formation of the Empire of Man:

After years of grueling conflict, peace was eventually achieved, though not without forceful negotiations. The warlords came together and established a new government known as the "Empire of Man." The former capital of IFTR, New New York on Earth, retained its position as the heart of the new empire.

5. A Divided Cosmos:

The Empire of Man now controls approximately 60% to 65% of the Milky Way, with each warlord ruling over their respective region. The autonomy granted to the warlords has resulted in a divided cosmos, where the central government must navigate intricate power dynamics and ensure unity among the diverse territories.

Additional Information:

The Empire of Man stands as a testament to the consequences of a peace treaty gone awry and the resilience of humanity amidst chaos. From the ashes of a devastating civil war, the warlords have risen to shape the future of the cosmos, each with their vision and objectives. With the dissolution of former treaties and agreements involving the IFTR, the Milky Way now experiences a new era of realignment and power dynamics. 

As the Empire of Man takes the reins of governance, the galaxy watches closely to see how the warlords' interactions and policies will shape the course of cosmic history. The legacy of the Empire of Man is one of conflict, negotiation, and division, with the hope that a united vision for the future may eventually bring stability and prosperity to the vast expanse of the Milky Way.

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