Ghenna Shtirm Federated Union

 Starnation: Ghenna Shtirm Federated Union

Number of Planets: 3

Capital City: Ambah Leeg

Government: Meritocratic Oligarchy

Population: 11.2 billion


The Ghenna Shtirm Federated Union is a starnation with a distinct social structure that classifies its citizens into four hierarchical levels based on privilege and wealth. At the top of the hierarchy are the "Account Holders," an elite group with extraordinary privileges and vast reserves of wealth at their disposal. They wield significant influence and make critical decisions that shape the direction of the Federated Union. Below them are the "Account Apprentices," a class of skilled individuals who have demonstrated exceptional talent, expertise, and dedication in their respective fields. While they have been accepted as potential Account Holders, their final approval is subject to the decision of the existing Account Holders.

1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The Ghenna Shtirm Federated Union's history is marked by a gradual evolution of its hierarchical system, with the Account Holders establishing their supremacy over time. Customs and culture in the starnation revolve around maintaining social order and encouraging individuals to strive for excellence to ascend to higher classes.

2. Primary Trade Goods:

The Federated Union's trade primarily revolves around advanced technologies, scientific innovations, and intellectual property developed by the skilled Account Apprentices and Account Holders. They also trade in luxury goods and commodities, thanks to the substantial wealth amassed by the privileged classes.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

Domestically, the Federated Union's policies center on promoting meritocracy and rewarding hard work and innovation. They incentivize citizens to excel in their respective fields to earn opportunities for upward mobility within the social hierarchy.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications, Including Strategic Goals:

The meritocratic oligarchy strives to maintain stability and social harmony within the Federated Union. They seek to foster cooperation among the various classes while ensuring that the Account Holders use their wealth and power for the greater good of the starnation. In terms of foreign policy, they aim to forge diplomatic alliances with starnations that share similar values and promote peaceful coexistence in the galaxy.

5. Military:

The Ghenna Shtirm Federated Union maintains a well-structured military to protect its interests and citizens. The defense force ensures the safety and security of the starnation's borders, as well as safeguarding its economic interests and strategic assets. However, military roles are not limited to the Laborer class; individuals from all classes are given opportunities to serve and advance based on their talents and contributions.

The Ghenna Shtirm Federated Union's distinct social hierarchy fosters an environment of competition and ambition, driving individuals to excel and contribute to the starnation's overall prosperity. Their system of meritocracy ensures that talent and dedication are rewarded, leading to a dynamic and innovative society that remains a force to be reckoned with in the galaxy.

This starnation has classified its citizenry into 4 classes, each with unique privileges and wealth. At the top are the "Account Holders" with extraordinary privileges and massive wealth preserves set aside for their use. Next is the "Account Apprentices." This class has successfully applied their skills, expertise, hard work, tenacity and resourcefulness to have their applications to the "Account Holder" class accepted but they still must be approved by the Account Holders. This class includes senior executives of corporations, CEO's and corporate and charitable organization founders, highly-placed academics, scientists and researchers, and highly placed politicians and diplomats. Next is the "Commoners," which includes the majority of the bureaucrats, mid-level executives, managers and directors and workers with several years (or more) of experience. The largest group is the "Laborers," who have almost no privileges, enjoy only the most basic rights and live paycheck to paycheck. These account for all entry-level positions across all industries, construction workers, household maids and workers, landscaping crews, nannies, working students (except for students of any other Account Apprentices and higher) , factory and warehouse workers, port workers of all kinds, etc.

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