Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces

Starnation: Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces

Number of Planets: 14

Capital City: Ria Asha Islands

Government: Thalassocracy

Population: 94.5 billion


1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The history of the Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces is deeply intertwined with the vast expanse of water that dominates their territories. As a Thalassocracy, their civilization thrived on maritime exploration, trade, and seafaring conquests. Their customs and culture celebrate naval prowess, and they revere the ocean as the cradle of their identity and strength.

2. Primary Trade Goods:

The interstellar trade of the Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces centers on maritime resources, aquatic technologies, and aquatic life forms. They export rare marine specimens, advanced shipbuilding materials, and innovative underwater technologies, establishing themselves as the leading authority in aquatic trades across the galaxy.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

As a Thalassocracy, the Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces' domestic policies are centered on the stewardship and protection of their maritime domains. They prioritize the development of advanced naval fleets, the preservation of marine ecosystems, and the expansion of their influence through maritime colonies and trade routes.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

The Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces project their maritime power and influence far beyond their 14 planets. They maintain a robust naval presence, ensuring dominance in key waterways and securing maritime trade routes. Their foreign policy focuses on establishing alliances with other aquatic starnations and expanding their territories through controlled colonization efforts.

5. Military:

The "Starfleet Armada," the military force of the Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces, embodies their military might. Comprised of expert naval and spacefaring officers, skilled starfarers, and cutting-edge vessels, the Starfleet Armada safeguards their extensive interests and actively explores uncharted waters for potential resources and strategic locations.

Additional Information:

The Ria Asha Islands, located at the heart of the Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces, serve as the capital city. This vibrant metropolis is perched on a vast network of islands and floating platforms, seamlessly blending urban architecture with aquatic environments.

The Great Star Ocean and Maritime Provinces take pride in preserving their aquatic heritage, evident in the incorporation of coral reefs, floating gardens, and marine life sanctuaries within the cityscape. Advanced underwater cities and research facilities flourish beneath the waves, showcasing their mastery of underwater architecture and marine biology.

Outdoor water sports and aquatic festivals are a common sight throughout the Ria Asha Islands, celebrating the sea's bounty and fostering a deep connection with the ocean. At the heart of the city lies the Grand Seafarer's Temple, a magnificent structure dedicated to their aquatic deities and naval heroes, embodying the core tenets of their Thalassocratic beliefs.

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