Imperial Vajin

Starnation: Imperial Vajin

Number of Planets: 18

Capital City: New Maiha

Government: Imperial Council

Population: 108.8 billion

Founding Date: April 3, 2008


Imperial Vajin is a starnation with a complex history, founded by Emperor Jon Medaris, the former leader of the Desert Empire. After experiencing the devastation of World War 3, Emperor Jon Medaris sought redemption and rebranded himself as a friendly, charismatic figure, eventually becoming the President of the New World Maf Government a coalition of over 300 nations that fought on both sides of World War 3. After the dissolution of the New World Maf Government, Medaris faced challenges in navigating the changing political landscape. Despite half-hearted attempts to stop the formation of MACOFS, events quickly overtook him. As circumstances unfolded, he sought refuge on the planet, "Tannerith," the founding planet of Imperial Vajin, sparsely inhabited by a few hundred million people.

1. History, Customs, and Culture:

Imperial Vajin's history is marked by the ambitious actions of its founder, Emperor Jon Medaris, and the diverse traditions of its member planets. Medaris' flight from Kila Vas to Tannerith, followed by the voluntary inclusion of 17 other planets, has contributed to the starnation's unique cultural tapestry.

2. Primary Trade Goods:

The trade goods of Imperial Vajin vary based on the resources and industries of its member planets. Advanced technologies, scientific discoveries, and cultural artifacts from each planet contribute to the starnation's trade portfolio.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

Imperial Vajin's domestic policies aim to foster cooperation and harmony among its member planets. The Imperial Council plays a vital role in ensuring that each planet's unique identity is preserved while promoting unity and solidarity within the starnation.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications, Including Strategic Goals:

Given its strategic location between the expansionist Sultanate of Ikrim Mohajara and the aggressive Alasang Republic, Imperial Vajin treads carefully in its foreign policy. Its strategic goals revolve around maintaining a neutral stance and avoiding entanglements in conflicts between neighboring starnations. Diplomatic engagement is prioritized to strengthen ties with peaceful starnations and ensure the protection of its borders and interests.

5. Military:

Imperial Vajin maintains a relatively small yet efficient military force that is well-trained and well-equipped. While peacekeeping primarily relies on interstellar agreements, the military serves as a defensive measure to safeguard the starnation and its member planets from potential threats. The defense force focuses on protecting Imperial Vajin's borders and maintaining security, enabling the starnation to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape.

As Imperial Vajin continues to grow and evolve, its unique history and diverse member planets contribute to a rich and vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions. The starnation's commitment to diplomacy, peace, and stability reflects its desire to carve out a peaceful existence amidst the turbulence of neighboring expansionist and aggressive starnations.

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