Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic (IFTR)

Starnation: Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic (IFTR)

Number of Planets: 1,000,000+ planets

Capital City: New New York, New York, Earth

Government: Parliamentary Republic

Population: 1 quadrillion+

Dissolved: February, 5205

Replaced with: Empire of Man


The Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic (IFTR) is a dominant force in the cosmos, born from the ashes of two devastating wars that scarred Earth's history. After rebuilding from the brink of annihilation, Terra, as Earth is now known, embarked on a new era of exploration and contact with other civilizations, fostering an era of peace. However, this era would be short-lived, and the IFTR's trajectory would shift towards expansionism, conquest, and assimilation.

1. From Destruction to Rebirth:

The catastrophic nuclear wars of the early 21st century decimated Earth's population, leaving behind a world in ruins. Overcoming adversity, Terra's resilient survivors rebuilt their shattered civilization, and by 2150 AD, the population had grown to 4.2 billion. A period of progress and peace ensued, allowing Terra to advance technologically and venture beyond the confines of the Sol System.

2. The Rise of IFTR:

In 3150 AD, another devastating war struck, claiming the lives of half of Terra's population. In the aftermath, a new world government emerged, shaped by a more assertive and aggressive approach. The Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic (IFTR) was founded, ostensibly a parliamentary republic but effectively an empire in its methods of governance.

3. Expansion and Conquest:

Empowered by their advancements in technology and fueled by the desire for dominion, the IFTR embarked on a relentless expansion across the galaxy. Once peaceful civilizations that were once partners became subject to the IFTR's conquests, being absorbed and assimilated into its fold. The empire's control reached an astonishing 80% of the Milky Way by 5200 AD, demonstrating its formidable reach.

4. The Capital City of New New York, New York:

New New York, located on Earth, now renamed Terra, serves as the capital city of the IFTR. A testament to the planet's resilience and tenacity, the city stands as a beacon of the empire's power and ambition. It acts as the administrative and political heart of the sprawling interstellar dominion.

5. Population and Cosmic Dominance:

The IFTR's dominion encompasses over one million planets, and its population has surged to a staggering 1 quadrillion+, making it one of the most populous entities in the cosmos. The empire's influence spans far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the civilizations it encounters, shaping their destinies and destinies of entire galaxies.

6. The Rise of a Formidable Military:

As the IFTR's dominion expanded, the need for a formidable military force became evident. From approximately 5170 AD, the empire began the construction of its largest class of battlecruiser, the formidable "Destiny" class battlecruiser. These heavily armed behemoths spanned an astounding 25,000 miles in length, becoming the pride of the IFTR's Galactic Space Command.

The "Destiny" Class Battlecruiser:

By 5200 AD, the IFTR had constructed an impressive fleet of 3,000 "Destiny" class battlecruisers. These colossal warships were equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry, advanced defensive systems, and cutting-edge technology, making them the epitome of military might. Their sheer size and firepower granted the IFTR unparalleled dominance in space warfare.

Galactic Space Command:

The "Destiny" class battlecruisers joined the ranks of millions of other ships under the command of the IFTR's Galactic Space Command. This formidable military apparatus ensured the empire's control over its vast dominion, projecting its power and enforcing its will across the galaxies.

Additional Information:

The Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic's journey from a rebuilding Earth to a dominant cosmic empire is a tale of triumph and tragedy, exploration and expansion. As it forges ahead, it leaves a complex legacy of both technological progress and imperial conquest. The IFTR's reach across the Milky Way and its encounter with the distant Starnation of Maf in the Snickers galaxy mark the beginning of a new chapter in cosmic history, one characterized by the interplay of power, diplomacy, and the complexities of governance on a galactic scale. The future of the IFTR, like the stars themselves, remains uncertain, as it navigates the vast expanse of the cosmos, driven by ambition and the pursuit of cosmic supremacy.

The Interstellar Federation of the Terran Republic's journey to becoming a formidable cosmic empire is a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. Its military prowess, exemplified by the massive "Destiny" class battlecruisers and the might of the Galactic Space Command, secured its position as a dominant force in the Milky Way and beyond. However, the empire's expansion and control come with their own complexities and challenges, requiring deft diplomacy and strategic decision-making. 

The IFTR's legacy will continue to unfold as it navigates the cosmos, driven by its vision of cosmic supremacy and its role in shaping the fate of civilizations across the galaxies. The "Destiny" class battlecruisers stand as the embodiment of the IFTR's power and ambition, serving as guardians of its dominion and symbols of its indomitable spirit.

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