Lum's Worlds

Starnation: Lum's Worlds

Number of Planets: 7

Capital City: Hamlyn Downs

Government: Council-based Parliamentary Republic

Population: 2.4 billion


Lum's Worlds, a peaceful and neutral starnation, was born from the extraordinary tale of Captain Lum's defiance and escape from the clutches of the New World Maf Government. Leading a task force of seven starships, Lum ventured into the distant reaches of space, eventually finding solace in the Confluence Region—a neutral zone where two galaxies meet.

Lum and his six fellow captains, who had defected alongside him, claimed ownership of seven habitable but uninhabited planets in neighboring solar systems. After several years of successful concealment, Lum admitted the location of himself and his group as part of an amnesty offered to him. These newfound worlds provided refuge for millions of people fleeing various conflicts across the cosmos, swelling the starnation's population.

Lum's Worlds operates under a Council-based Parliamentary Republic, with decisions made through collective deliberations among the leaders. Captain Lum, preferring the comfort and familiarity of his spaceship, spends most of his time aboard his starship, embodying the spirit of exploration and independence that defines the essence of Lum's Worlds.

Remaining steadfast in their neutrality, Lum's Worlds refuses to involve itself in the military endeavors or wars of other powers. Instead, the starnation focuses on fostering peace, unity, and cooperation among its diverse inhabitants and the interstellar community. The capital city, Hamlyn Downs, serves as a symbol of Lum's Worlds' commitment to diplomacy and inclusivity, representing a harmonious blend of cultures and backgrounds from across the stars.

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