Military Academies

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Military Academies

Nearly all military services will accept officers trained at any of the following Military Academies
1Byzataus Air and Space AcademyBaida, Byzataus ConfederationAir Force, Space
2Desert Plains Air Force AcademyMaiha, Desert EmpireAir Force
4Empire School of Advanced Military StudiesXitim, EmpireAll
5Helvatica Military AcademyKila VasArmy
6Jahfaz Military AcademyJahfazArmy, Special Forces
7Janastian Warhawks Space AcademyOrbitalSpaceWarhawks
8Janbox Military AcademyJonesboroArmy
9Jekaranda-du Center for Advanced Military StudiesJekaranda-duAllWarhawks
10Jonesboro Space AcademyJonesboroSpace
11Kila Vas Space AcademyKila VasSpace
12Lly Naval AcademyLly, EmpireNavy
13Maiha Military AcademyMaiha, Desert EmpireArmy
14May Academy of Military AstronauticsStrange City, Doctor's RanchSpace
15Mensol AcademyMensol, EmpireArmydecommissioned 1929
16Perold Jonas Operations CommandKila VasAllWarhawks
18Rwechyn Naval AcademyRwechyn Oasis, Kila VasNavy
19SahbyrgKila VasAll
20Sohrdee MountainYalk, PeplleAir Force
21Spartania Military AcademySpartaniaAll
22Szevron Space AcademySzevron, EmpireSpace
23Viachon School of Military ScienceViachon, ViachonAir Force, Army, Space
24Warhawks Naval AcademyRwechyn Oasis, Kila VasNavyWarhawks
25Warhawks WarCollegeKila VasAllWarhawks
26Winter Harbor NorthpointThasulaArmy, Navy
27XainfasXainfas, EmpireAll
28Xapata Royal Army AcademyXapata, EmpireArmyEstablished 1929


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