Mingus Assembly

Starnation: Mingus Assembly

Number of Planets: 67

Capital City: Mingus Prime

Government: Council-based Democracy

Population: 425 billion


The Mingus Assembly, spanning across 67 planets, is a shining beacon of participatory governance and unity. Built on the principles of cooperation and collective decision-making, this starnation fosters a vibrant democracy that empowers its citizens to actively participate in shaping their collective destiny.


The Mingus Assembly's origins can be traced back to a period of political upheaval and social unrest. In response to various conflicts and crises, visionary leaders came together to establish a system that would foster cooperation and dialogue among the diverse planetary communities. The Council-based Democracy was born, giving each planet a voice in the affairs of the assembly.

Customs and Culture:

The culture within the Mingus Assembly centers around dialogue, respect, and inclusivity. Citizens are encouraged to engage in open discussions, share diverse perspectives, and actively participate in the decision-making process. Celebrations of cultural diversity and unity are common, promoting a sense of belonging among the planetary populations.

Trade and Economy:

The Mingus Assembly excels in interstellar diplomacy and trade, capitalizing on the strengths of its diverse planets. With a focus on sustainable development and equitable resource distribution, the assembly ensures that economic growth benefits all its citizens, reducing wealth disparity and promoting prosperity.

Current Domestic Policies:

Domestically, the Mingus Assembly prioritizes social welfare, education, and technological advancements. Investment in scientific research and innovation is at the forefront, as the starnation aims to remain at the cutting edge of interstellar knowledge and progress.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

The Council-based Democracy operates through a system of elected representatives from each planet, forming the Assembly Council. The Assembly Council collectively governs the starnation, ensuring that the diverse interests and needs of each planet are represented and taken into account.

In terms of foreign policy, the Mingus Assembly advocates for interstellar cooperation and peaceful resolution of conflicts. They actively engage in diplomatic missions to establish alliances and promote interstellar treaties, fostering a sense of unity and mutual understanding among neighboring starnations.


The Mingus Assembly maintains a skilled and disciplined military force, known as the Unity Guard. However, their military is primarily focused on defensive capabilities rather than aggressive conquest. The Unity Guard's main mission is to protect the assembly and its citizens from external threats, ensuring the starnation's sovereignty and security.


The Mingus Assembly stands as a model of harmonious governance and democratic ideals. With its Council-based Democracy and commitment to social welfare and cooperation, the starnation sets an inspiring example for other interstellar communities. Emphasizing unity in diversity, the Mingus Assembly celebrates the richness of cultural heritage among its planets while nurturing a collective identity as a thriving and progressive interstellar entity. As they continue to advance, their dedication to equitable governance and peaceful coexistence serves as a guiding light in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

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