Mogo Haran Sultanate

Starnation: Mogo Haran Sultanate

Number of Planets: 7

Capital City: Mij Kilto

Government: Tribal Confederation

Population: 54.6 billion


The Mogo Haran Sultanate is a decentralized tribal confederation spanning across seven planets in the galaxy. Governed by a unique system of tribal councils, each planet operates semi-autonomously, with its own customs, traditions, and leadership. The Sultanate's capital city, Mij Kilto, serves as a symbolic center for cultural exchange and negotiation between the different tribes.

The strength of the Mogo Haran Sultanate lies in the unity and solidarity among its tribes. The confederation values ancient traditions, deep-rooted cultural practices, and respect for nature. Despite their decentralized governance, the tribes come together when facing external threats or to address issues that concern the entire Sultanate.

The Mogo Haran Sultanate boasts a formidable military, characterized by skilled warriors and adept strategists. Each tribe contributes its own warriors to form a collective defense force, ensuring the safety and security of their planets and citizens. The military's prowess is a testament to their rigorous training, passed down through generations, and their intimate knowledge of their respective planets' terrains.

While the Sultanate prefers to maintain peaceful relations with neighboring starnations, their military serves as a deterrent against potential aggressors. They prioritize diplomacy and mutual understanding, seeking to preserve their unique cultural heritage and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

The Sultanate's population of 54.6 billion is diverse, comprising individuals from various tribes and backgrounds. The Mogo Haran people are known for their strong sense of community, hospitality, and their deep connection to the natural world.

The Mogo Haran Sultanate's tribal confederation continues to thrive through their ability to adapt, embrace diversity, and uphold their traditions in the face of modernization and external influences. As they navigate the challenges of an ever-changing galaxy, their unyielding unity and commitment to their way of life make them a formidable presence in the cosmos.

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