Muundasi Cartel

Starnation: Muundasi Cartel

Number of Planets: N/A - asteroid belt

Capital City: The Haunting

Government: Criminal Syndicate

Population: Approximately 500 million


The Muundasi Cartel is a clandestine criminal syndicate that operates within the confines of an asteroid belt, turning the seemingly desolate space rocks into a hub of illicit activities. With their secretive base located in the enigmatic city of "The Haunting," the Cartel thrives on anonymity, deception, and cunning strategies to evade detection and maintain their criminal empire.

Though spread across an asteroid belt rather than traditional planets, the Muundasi Cartel's reach is extensive, utilizing the vastness of space to conduct their unlawful operations. Their network spans multiple asteroids, interconnected through a complex web of smuggling routes, hidden hideouts, and covert meeting places.

The Cartel's structure is tightly organized, with leaders known for their ruthlessness and cunning. They oversee a network of smugglers, pirates, black market traders, assassins, and other unsavory individuals, each contributing to the Cartel's profitability and influence.

Operating beyond the jurisdiction of traditional planetary governments, the Muundasi Cartel deals in a range of illegal activities, including contraband trading, smuggling valuable resources, illegal weapon sales, and even black market research on advanced technologies. Their extensive knowledge of the asteroid belt's terrain and hidden passages makes them elusive and difficult for law enforcement to track down.

While the exact population within the asteroid belt remains elusive, it is believed to be approximately 500 million individuals, consisting of Cartel members, their associates, and various individuals seeking refuge within the criminal organization.

The Muundasi Cartel's reputation instills fear in the hearts of those who come into contact with them, as they are known for their willingness to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to their operations. Their influence and wealth allow them to bribe, blackmail, and coerce others into submission, further consolidating their grip on the asteroid belt.

As a secretive and formidable criminal syndicate, the Muundasi Cartel remains a constant challenge for law enforcement agencies, who struggle to penetrate their intricate web of deceit and evasion. With ambitions to expand their criminal empire and dominate the illicit market, the Cartel's enigmatic presence in the asteroid belt continues to be a haunting force to be reckoned with.

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