Nwelmos Grand Magocracy

Starnation: Nwelmos Grand Magocracy

Number of Planets: 11

Capital City: Pluto City

Government: Mageocracy

Population: 23.8 billion


1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The Nwelmos Grand Magocracy's history is steeped in arcane mysticism and ancient magical traditions. Eleven planets united under the guidance of powerful mages, shaping their customs and culture around the art of magic. Their society reveres magical expertise, and arcane knowledge is passed down through generations of skilled spellcasters.

2. Primary Trade Goods:

The Nwelmos Grand Magocracy's interstellar trade is centered around magical artifacts, rare spell components, and mystical scrolls. They export enchanted items, arcane tomes, and magical services, attracting scholars and spellcasters from all corners of the galaxy.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

As a Mageocracy, the Nwelmos Grand Magocracy is governed by a council of influential mages. Their domestic policies prioritize the study and preservation of magical knowledge, ensuring the responsible use of magic, and safeguarding the realm from magical threats. The arcane academies play a pivotal role in training new generations of mages.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

The Mageocracy of Nwelmos strives to maintain a harmonious existence with other starnations while promoting the importance of magic in galactic affairs. They engage in diplomatic relations with other magical civilizations, exchanging arcane knowledge and forming alliances to protect the balance of magical energies.

5. Military:

The Nwelmos Grand Magocracy possesses the "Arcane Sentinels," an elite force of highly skilled battle mages. Their military excels in both conventional combat and magical warfare, employing powerful spells to defend the Mageocracy from any external magical threats.

Additional Information:

Pluto City, the mystical capital of the Nwelmos Grand Magocracy, is shrouded in an aura of ancient enchantments. Towering spires and grand magical academies decorate the cityscape, while the mystical energy that permeates the city reflects the Mageocracy's reverence for the arcane.

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