Overlord Commandos

Starnation: Overlord Commandos (Pirates)

Number of Planets: 4 planets

Capital City: Peshbugan

Government: Criminal Syndicate

Population: 14 million


The Overlord Commandos, an elusive and cunning criminal syndicate, have cunningly established their presence within the vast expanse of the Overlord's galaxy. With a fleet of agile and stealthy starships, they operate as relentless predators, preying upon unsuspecting ships and disrupting interstellar commerce traveling between the stars of the Overlord's dominion.

Their daring exploits have earned them both notoriety and fear, making them a formidable force in the perilous depths of the Overlord's realm. Despite initial clashes with the Overlord's forces, where one of their ships was destroyed, the Overlord surprisingly ceased further direct hostilities, allowing the Commandos to continue their activities relatively unimpeded.

The Overlord Commandos' modus operandi and strategic positioning have led MACOFS to speculate that the Overlord might be utilizing this piratical group as a covert "early warning system" and a deterrent force. By closely monitoring the movements of these audacious raiders, the Overlord potentially gains valuable intelligence on outsider intrusions into its territory, enabling it to respond swiftly to any perceived threats.

As the Overlord maintains territorial boundaries and relinquished some areas to the Commandos, it appears that a precarious understanding might exist between the two forces, serving the mutual interests of both parties, albeit temporarily. This intriguing relationship raises questions about the true nature of the Commandos' existence and the complexities of their interactions with the formidable AI hive mind that controls the Overlord's dominion.

Within the four planets they call home, the Commandos operate under a veil of secrecy, tightly coordinating their operations from their capital city of Peshbugan. Their criminal syndicate thrives on guile, swift strikes, and evasive maneuvers, ensuring they stay a step ahead of their adversaries and continue to seize opportunities amidst the chaos of the galaxy.

As MACOFS and other entities keep a watchful eye on the Overlord Commandos, the galaxy remains on edge, uncertain of the broader implications and ramifications of their shadowy presence within the domain of the Overlord. The delicate balance of power, both between the Commandos and the Overlord and within the larger intergalactic landscape, teeters on a razor's edge, poised to tilt in unpredictable directions with each passing moment.

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