Planet of War

Starnation: Planet of War

Number of Planets: 1

Capital City: Arbus Belli

Government: Corporate State

Population: 1.2 billion

History, Customs, and Culture:

The Planet of War stands as a paradox within the galactic landscape. Renowned for its dedication to the study and training of military arts, it maintains an intricate balance between its fervent commitment to warfare and a thriving culture. Its history is one of ceaseless scholarly exploration of the art of war, tracing back to ancient times when the seeds of martial prowess were first sown. From this foundation, an aura of discipline, honor, and strategic wisdom pervades the society. Customs are intricately woven with the ethos of valor, from traditional ceremonies honoring military prowess to vibrant festivals celebrating the planet's dual nature of intellectual rigor and martial valor.

Primary Trade Goods: 

The hallmark trade goods of the Planet of War revolve around knowledge and expertise. A treasure trove of intellectual resources, the starnation exports meticulously crafted military manuals, tactical simulations, and comprehensive war strategies. Its military academies and colleges attract students from across the galaxies, creating a thriving educational export industry. Despite its formidable focus on warfare, the planet doesn't neglect other forms of commerce, fostering trades in technological innovations, cultural artifacts, and art pieces that reflect its multifaceted society.

Current Domestic Policies:

The Planet of War's domestic policies are intricately designed to maintain a delicate equilibrium between its militaristic pursuits and the overall well-being of its populace. Its corporate state structure ensures a fair and accommodating environment for residents, military personnel, students, and retirees. Its sprawling cities cater to various lifestyles, from the scholarly atmosphere of the capital to the outdoor-oriented locales. The starnation's unique approach to housing provides not only for the affluent but also dedicates a substantial share of profits to offering affordable housing for veterans and military retirees, embodying a sense of communal responsibility.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

As a neutral starnation, the Planet of War exerts influence through knowledge and collaboration rather than direct aggression. Its military training and strategic guidance elevate its international standing, making it a sought-after partner for training alliances, mutual defense agreements, and cooperative endeavors. The starnation's strategic goals encompass fostering peace through strength, enabling allies to be well-prepared in times of need, and maintaining an unassailable reputation for excellence in warfare studies and tactics. It navigates the political landscape deftly, aligning with starnations that share its commitment to security and expertise.


The military of the Planet of War serves a dual purpose: safeguarding its home turf while actively engaging in knowledge exchange and training across starnations. Its space military force is structured to deter potential adversaries, primarily relying on treaties and alliances to secure its borders. Beyond traditional defense, its military academy graduates and instructors engage in cross-cultural collaborations, providing expert training to other starnations. The military is instrumental in disseminating the starnation's extensive knowledge of warfare, enhancing the skills and preparedness of allied forces.

In the heart of the Planet of War, Arbus Belli, wisdom and battle prowess coalesce into a harmonious existence. The starnation's commitment to martial mastery intertwines with a thriving culture, united by its reverence for strategy, honor, and shared responsibility. Whether on the battlefield or in the realm of intellectual pursuits, the Planet of War stands as an exemplar of strength, wisdom, and unity.

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