Stanna Prime

Starnation: Stanna Prime

Religious Order: Order of Shadows

Number of Planets: 4

Capital City: Umbra Noctis

Government Type: Totalitarian Regime

Population: 6.7 billion


Stanna Prime is a shadowy starnation shrouded in secrecy and ruled by the iron grip of the Order of Shadows. Across its four planets, it operates as a totalitarian regime, employing fear and manipulation to maintain control and advance its nefarious agenda.

History, Customs, and Culture:

The history of Stanna Prime is veiled in darkness, with the Order of Shadows having established its influence over generations. The starnation's customs and culture revolve around secrecy, clandestine operations, and the wielding of power through covert means. Adherents of the order are trained in the arts of espionage, manipulation, and assassination, carrying out their missions with ruthless efficiency.

Religious Affiliation:

The dominant religious order within Stanna Prime is the Order of Shadows. Its followers embrace a doctrine that glorifies the pursuit of personal power, manipulation, and the elimination of perceived threats. They view darkness and secrecy as symbols of strength and believe that through their actions, they shape the destiny of the starnation.

Primary Trade Goods:

Stanna Prime engages in a clandestine network of illicit activities, including espionage, smuggling, and black market dealings. The starnation's economy thrives on the trade of illegal weapons, contraband, stolen technology, and information. The Order of Shadows utilizes its network to amass wealth and influence through nefarious means.

Current Domestic Policies:

Under the totalitarian regime, Stanna Prime's citizens live under constant surveillance and strict control. Dissent is suppressed, and conformity is enforced through fear and intimidation. The Order of Shadows holds absolute authority, using its operatives to eliminate anyone deemed a threat to their power. The general populace is subjected to indoctrination and propaganda, shaping them into loyal servants of the order.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

Stanna Prime pursues a policy of expansion through covert infiltration and manipulation. They seek to spread their influence to other starnations, infiltrating governments and undermining stability. The Order of Shadows employs its operatives to gather intelligence, conduct sabotage, and assassinate key figures to advance their dark agenda. They thrive on chaos and discord, exploiting the vulnerabilities of other starnations.


The military force of Stanna Prime is an elite covert unit known as the Shadow Legion. Composed of highly trained assassins, spies, and saboteurs, they operate in the shadows, executing the will of the Order of Shadows. The Shadow Legion's primary objective is to eliminate threats, gather intelligence, and further the interests of the order. They employ advanced stealth technology and unconventional warfare tactics to achieve their goals.

Additional Information:

Stanna Prime is a place of secrets, where whispers echo through the dimly lit corridors and plots unfold in the shadows. The order's members operate under a strict hierarchy, with higher-ranking individuals holding immense power and influence. The starnation is shrouded in an aura of fear and uncertainty, making it a breeding ground for deception and treachery.

Population Estimate:

Stanna Prime is home to approximately 6.7 billion inhabitants across its four planets. The capital city, Umbra Noctis, stands as a testament to the oppressive nature of the regime, with its sprawling surveillance networks, fortified compounds, and towering spires casting dark shadows over the population.

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