Swaskuohae Cometary Republic

Starnation: Swaskuohae Cometary Republic

Number of Planets: N/A (1 comet)

Capital City: Qeileit

Government: Direct Democracy

Population: 3,500


1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The Swaskuohae Cometary Republic's history is dedicated to the pursuit of scientific knowledge and the exploration of their unique comet, Swaskuohae. Founded by a group of visionary researchers, the cometary republic is entirely focused on studying the enigmatic celestial body and unlocking the secrets of its strange electromagnetic signature and its mesmerizing 30,000-mile-long shimmering rainbow-colored tail. Swaskuohae's comet has become a symbol of curiosity and wonder, shaping the culture of its population with a passion for exploration and scientific inquiry. Customs and traditions revolve around fostering an environment of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and reverence for the natural wonders of the cosmos.

2. Primary Research Focus:

As a cometary republic, Swaskuohae's sole population of 3,500 is comprised of engineers, scientists, and technicians who dedicate their lives to the study of comets, with Swaskuohae as the centerpiece of their research. Their focus extends beyond their home comet, exploring the behavior and characteristics of comets in general. Their discoveries have the potential to reshape our understanding of these celestial bodies and their impact on the cosmos.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

The Swaskuohae Cometary Republic's domestic policies prioritize scientific advancement, education, and the protection of their unique research environment. The government provides generous funding for research projects, encouraging innovation and discovery. Swaskuohaeans value sustainability and environmental preservation, ensuring their activities have minimal impact on the comet's natural state.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications, including Strategic Goals:

As a direct democracy, the political landscape of the cometary republic centers around active participation and decision-making by all citizens. Their foreign policy aims to foster scientific collaboration and partnerships with other star nations, particularly those with a shared interest in space research. Swaskuohaeans seek to contribute valuable insights to the collective knowledge of the cosmos, promoting interstellar cooperation and understanding.

5. Living on Swaskuohae:

Living on a comet poses unique challenges, but the engineers and scientists of Swaskuohae Cometary Republic have adapted to their environment. Advanced technology sustains life within well-equipped habitats. Mobility is facilitated by small, agile spacecraft that traverse the comet's surface, allowing researchers to access various research sites.

Additional Information:

The Swaskuohae Cometary Republic stands as a beacon of scientific dedication and curiosity in the cosmos. Their unwavering commitment to comet research and their unique home comet, Swaskuohae, makes them pioneers in the field of space exploration. As they study the mysteries of comets and share their findings with the universe, Swaskuohaeans inspire awe and admiration, encouraging other star nations to embrace the wonders of space and the pursuit of knowledge. With their direct democracy and united passion for the cosmos, the Swaskuohae Cometary Republic leaves a lasting impact on the universe, proving that even on a solitary comet, the quest for knowledge can illuminate the cosmos with brilliance and understanding.

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