Veratrax Arms

Starnation: Veratrax Arms

Religious Order: Order of the Crimson Rose

Number of Planets: 5

Capital City: Rosewynn

Government Type: Feudal Monarchy

Population: 10.1 billion


Veratrax Arms is a formidable starnation whose existence revolves around the ancient and prestigious Order of the Crimson Rose. With its vast domain spanning five planets, it is known for its martial prowess, chivalric traditions, and unwavering loyalty to the ideals of the order.

History, Customs, and Culture:

Veratrax Arms has a rich history that dates back centuries, originating from a noble lineage sworn to the Order of the Crimson Rose. The starnation's customs and culture are deeply rooted in chivalry, honor, and the pursuit of martial excellence. Adherents of the order embrace a code of conduct that emphasizes bravery, loyalty, and justice.

Religious Affiliation:

The dominant religious order within Veratrax Arms is the Order of the Crimson Rose. Followers of this order view the crimson rose as a symbol of courage, sacrifice, and devotion. They revere the ideals of knightly virtue and dedicate themselves to upholding the principles of honor, righteousness, and protection of the weak.

Primary Trade Goods:

Veratrax Arms specializes in the production and trade of advanced weapons, armor, and military technology. Their skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths are renowned for their ability to forge exceptional arms that embody both beauty and functionality. The starnation is also known for its breeding programs, producing superior warhorses and other trained beasts used in battle.

Current Domestic Policies:

Veratrax Arms operates under a feudal monarchy, where power is concentrated in the hands of a hereditary ruler known as the High Sovereign. The governance of the starnation is characterized by a hierarchical structure with noble houses holding fiefdoms and pledging loyalty to the High Sovereign. The order's code of chivalry influences the starnation's legal system, promoting fairness, honor, and protection of the realm's inhabitants.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

Veratrax Arms maintains a strong sense of territorial defense and protection of its inhabitants. Its foreign policy is focused on maintaining stability within its borders and safeguarding the interests of the order. They are cautious in forming alliances, preferring to rely on their own military strength and the valor of their knights. However, they may participate in diplomatic endeavors to protect shared values or in cases where their code of chivalry demands honorable intervention.


The military force of Veratrax Arms is an esteemed order of knights known as the Roseguard. These elite warriors undergo rigorous training and adhere to the principles of the Order of the Crimson Rose. The Roseguard serves as the backbone of the starnation's defense, upholding the ideals of honor, protecting the realm, and undertaking quests and missions in the name of the order. They are skilled in various combat disciplines and are known for their gallantry, unwavering loyalty, and martial expertise.

Additional Information:

Veratrax Arms places great emphasis on the cultivation of martial skills and knightly virtues. They celebrate grand tournaments, where knights from different noble houses showcase their prowess in chivalric combat. The starnation's society is marked by a feudal structure, with the ruling nobility holding lands and titles, while the common folk rely on their lords for protection and justice.

Population Estimate:

Veratrax Arms boasts a substantial population of approximately 10 billion inhabitants across its five planets. Rosewynn, the capital city, stands as a symbol of martial prowess and knightly virtue, housing the royal court, training grounds, and grand cathedrals dedicated to the Order of the Crimson Rose.

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