Arcanum Trails

Starnation: Arcanum Trails

Religious Order: Magicians of the Moon

Number of Planets: 2

Capital City: Lunaris Arcanum

Government Type: Mageocracy

Population: 6.4 billion


Arcanum Trails is a starnation governed by the principles and practices of the Magicians of the Moon. It is a realm where the mystical arts and arcane knowledge hold a prominent place in society, shaping its culture, governance, and way of life.

History, Customs, and Culture:

Arcanum Trails has a rich history steeped in ancient magical traditions and celestial mysteries. The customs and culture of its inhabitants revolve around the study and practice of arcane arts, with a focus on harnessing the powers of the moon for magical endeavors. Rituals, incantations, and the pursuit of esoteric knowledge are integral aspects of their daily lives.

Religious Affiliation:

The Magicians of the Moon form the religious and spiritual backbone of Arcanum Trails. They revere the moon as a celestial deity, believing it to be a source of cosmic energy and mystical power. The order guides its adherents in the study and mastery of magical arts, emphasizing the harmonious alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

Primary Trade Goods:

Arcanum Trails is renowned for its mastery of magical artifacts, potions, and enchanted items. These commodities, crafted by skilled magicians, are highly sought after by both neighboring starnations and independent planets. The starnation's trade revolves around the exchange of magical knowledge, rare spell components, and the provision of magical services.

Current Domestic Policies:

As a Mageocracy, Arcanum Trails is governed by a council of powerful magicians and arcane practitioners. They make decisions based on their mastery of magic and the consensus of the magical community. The starnation's policies revolve around the preservation and advancement of magical knowledge, the regulation of arcane practices, and the promotion of magical education.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

Arcanum Trails pursues a policy of magical self-sufficiency and neutrality in interstellar affairs. The starnation values the preservation of magical secrets and the non-interference with the affairs of other starnations. It maintains peaceful relations, engaging in cultural and intellectual exchanges with other realms while safeguarding its own magical traditions.


The Arcanum Trails Defense Circle serves as both a protective force and an enforcer of magical law. Comprising skilled magicians and arcane warriors, the military defends the starnation against external threats and maintains internal order. They are trained in both offensive and defensive magic, utilizing their mystical abilities to safeguard the realm.

Additional Information:

Arcanum Trails is a realm where the arcane arts flourish, and the power of the moon guides the paths of its inhabitants. The starnation is home to numerous magical academies, libraries of ancient grimoires, and enchanting landscapes infused with mystic energies. It is a place of wonder, where the secrets of the cosmos are unveiled through the mastery of magic.

Population Estimate:

Arcanum Trails has a population of approximately 6.4 billion individuals spread across its two planets. The capital city, Lunaris Arcanum, serves as the epicenter of magical learning and governance, where the council of magicians convenes to shape the destiny of the starnation.

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