Asder Consortium

Starnation: Asder Consortium

Number of Planets: 44

Capital City: Zinnibia

Government: Corporate Oligarchy

Population: 296.6 billion


The Asder Consortium, a network of 44 planets, embodies the epitome of corporate dominance and efficiency in the interstellar realm. With its sprawling capital city, Zinnibia, acting as a center of commerce and influence, this starnation thrives on the principles of profit and resource maximization.


The Asder Consortium's rise to power can be traced back to a period of rapid industrialization and economic expansion. As a conglomerate of powerful corporations, they swiftly gained control over crucial interstellar trade routes and strategic resource-rich planets. Over time, they consolidated their influence, leading to the formation of the Asder Consortium.

Customs and Culture:

The culture within the Asder Consortium revolves around productivity and advancement. Corporate hierarchies determine societal roles, and efficiency is highly valued. Citizens are driven by ambition, seeking to climb the corporate ladder and attain higher positions within the economic hierarchy.

Trade and Economy:

The Asder Consortium's primary trade goods include advanced technology, raw materials, and luxury commodities. They excel in production efficiency, attracting business partners and customers from across the galaxies seeking their cutting-edge products and services.

Current Domestic Policies:

Domestically, the Asder Consortium prioritizes economic growth and innovation. Investments in research and development are common, driving technological advancements and increasing their competitive edge in the market.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

As a Corporate Oligarchy, the Asder Consortium is led by a small group of influential corporate leaders known as the Board of Directors. These individuals wield immense power and control over the starnation's economic and political affairs.

In terms of foreign policy, the Asder Consortium pursues favorable trade agreements and alliances with other starnations. Their economic influence allows them to negotiate advantageous terms, securing access to vital resources and expanding their market reach.


The Asder Consortium maintains a formidable private military force, known as the Asder Corporate Security. This well-equipped and highly trained force protects corporate interests, ensuring the smooth operation of business ventures on various planets and safeguarding against potential threats.


The Asder Consortium stands as a testament to the power of corporate influence in the interstellar landscape. With Zinnibia as its bustling epicenter, this starnation thrives on the relentless pursuit of profit and innovation. Their advanced technology, efficient trade practices, and powerful military presence make them a formidable force in the cosmos. However, their corporate-driven society also raises questions about wealth inequality and the extent of corporate control over everyday life. As the Asder Consortium continues to grow and expand its reach, its influence over the interstellar community will undoubtedly remain a topic of fascination and concern.

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