Astralis Majoris

Starnation: Astralis Majoris

Religious Order: Elder Council of Sacred Truth

Number of Planets: 2

Capital City: Veritas Prime

Government Type: Theocratic Council

Population: 8.5 billion

History, Customs, and Culture: Astralis Majoris, a starnation spanning two inhabited planets, has a rich history rooted in the teachings of the Elder Council of Sacred Truth. The starnation's customs and culture revolve around the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and divine enlightenment. They value intellectual pursuits, philosophical discussions, and the exploration of the mysteries of the universe. Astralis Majoris fosters a scholarly society, with institutions of higher learning and libraries serving as centers of intellectual growth and the preservation of ancient knowledge.

Religious Affiliation: The religious order that shapes the spiritual beliefs of Astralis Majoris is the Elder Council of Sacred Truth. Adherents of this order seek spiritual enlightenment through the pursuit of wisdom and the uncovering of hidden truths. They believe in the inherent divinity of all beings and the power of knowledge to lead one closer to the divine. The Elder Council guides the faithful in their quest for truth, promoting philosophical contemplation, study of ancient texts, and the pursuit of wisdom as paths to spiritual growth.

Primary Trade Goods: Astralis Majoris specializes in the trade of ancient artifacts, rare manuscripts, and intellectual property. They possess an extensive collection of historical records, arcane relics, and wisdom texts coveted by scholars, collectors, and those seeking esoteric knowledge. The starnation exports knowledge-based services such as education, philosophical consultations, and research expertise. They are also known for their skilled artisans who craft intricate objects imbued with symbolic meanings and sacred significance.

Current Domestic Policies: Astralis Majoris operates under a Theocratic Council, with religious leaders holding significant influence in governance and decision-making. The government places great importance on education, research, and the pursuit of truth. They invest in the development of intellectual infrastructure, promote the dissemination of knowledge, and encourage open dialogue and debate. Astralis Majoris fosters a society that values critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and the preservation of ancient wisdom.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications: Astralis Majoris, under the guidance of the Elder Council of Sacred Truth, maintains a diplomatic stance in its foreign relations. They seek to share knowledge, engage in intellectual exchanges, and promote scholarly collaborations with other starnations. Their strategic goals include the preservation and dissemination of ancient wisdom, the pursuit of universal truths, and fostering peaceful relations among civilizations through intellectual dialogue. Astralis Majoris strives to be a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment in the galaxy.

Military: Astralis Majoris maintains a dedicated force known as the Truthkeepers. Unlike conventional military forces, the Truthkeepers are primarily tasked with the protection of sacred sites, libraries, and knowledge repositories. They ensure the integrity of historical records, prevent the theft or destruction of ancient artifacts, and safeguard the pursuit of knowledge from external threats. The Truthkeepers do not engage in offensive military actions, as their mission is focused on the preservation and protection of the starnation's intellectual and cultural heritage.

Population: Astralis Majoris has a relatively modest population of approximately 8.5 billion inhabitants spread across its two inhabited planets. The capital city, Veritas Prime, serves as the center of knowledge and spiritual pursuits, housing a significant portion of the population. The second planet, known for its tranquil landscapes and libraries, holds the remaining inhabitants. Astralis Majoris fosters a society of scholars, philosophers, and truth-seekers who are deeply devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and the uncovering of sacred truths.

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