Bari Hrainla Coalition

Starnation: Bari Hrainla Coalition

Religious Order: Order of the Silver Veil

Number of Planets: 5

Capital City: Veiled Sanctuary

Government Type: Corporate Oligarchy

Population: 29.8 billion


The Bari Hrainla Coalition is a powerful starnation dedicated to the Order of the Silver Veil, a religious order shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Comprised of five planets, this corporate oligarchy is driven by economic prowess and the pursuit of esoteric knowledge. Its capital city, Veiled Sanctuary, serves as the epicenter of their activities.

The Order of the Silver Veil is known for its enigmatic rituals and esoteric teachings. Its followers, known as Veiled Disciples, are bound by a strict code of secrecy and unwavering devotion to the order's ancient traditions. Within the Coalition, the order's teachings influence all aspects of life, from governance to commerce.

The Bari Hrainla Coalition operates as a corporate oligarchy, where powerful corporations hold significant sway over the starnation's governance and economy. The pursuit of wealth and influence drives the Coalition's policies, with corporations vying for control and dominance in various sectors. The Capital City, Veiled Sanctuary, is a hub of economic activity, hosting the headquarters of major corporations and serving as a center for trade and commerce.

The starnation's population of 29.8 billion is spread across the five planets, with each planet having its unique economic and cultural specialties. The Coalition's economy thrives on diverse industries, including technology, finance, and resource extraction. The pursuit of wealth and economic growth is intertwined with the teachings of the Order of the Silver Veil, as adherents believe that material success brings them closer to uncovering hidden truths and ascending to higher realms of existence.

The Bari Hrainla Coalition's foreign policy is driven by economic expansion and the acquisition of knowledge. They engage in trade agreements and diplomatic negotiations, using their economic power as leverage to secure advantageous deals and strategic partnerships. While they maintain a neutral stance in interstellar conflicts, they are known to employ clandestine tactics to protect their interests and acquire coveted information.

The Coalition's military force, known as the Veiled Legion, serves to protect the starnation's corporate interests and ensure stability within their dominion. They are highly trained and equipped with advanced technologies, allowing them to defend against external threats and quell any internal dissent. However, their loyalty primarily lies with the corporate oligarchy, acting as enforcers and protectors of their interests.

The Bari Hrainla Coalition stands as a formidable presence in the galactic landscape, blending the pursuit of economic power with the enigmatic teachings of the Order of the Silver Veil. Their influence spans multiple planets, shaping the economic, political, and cultural landscapes of the starnation.

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