Carado Delegation

Starnation: Carado Delegation

Religious Order: Church of Radiant Redemption

Number of Planets: 4

Capital City: Luminary Haven

Government Type: Direct Democracy

Population: 18.5 billion


The Carado Delegation is a starfaring nation that upholds the teachings of the Church of Radiant Redemption across its four planets. At the heart of this delegation lies Luminary Haven, a city radiating with the divine light of redemption and hope. Governed as a Direct Democracy, the Carado Delegation values equality, individual freedoms, and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

The Church of Radiant Redemption is the spiritual cornerstone of the Carado Delegation, guiding its customs, ethics, and spiritual practices. Adherents of this order seek inner transformation, seeking redemption and enlightenment through acts of compassion, forgiveness, and self-reflection. They embrace the radiant light of divine grace and dedicate themselves to spreading hope and healing throughout the cosmos.

Within the Carado Delegation, a vibrant economy thrives, fueled by diverse industries and interplanetary trade. Their primary trade goods include advanced technological innovations, spiritual artifacts, and celestial-inspired artwork. They value sustainable practices, responsible resource management, and the promotion of arts and culture as integral components of their economic development.

The Carado Delegation operates under a direct democracy, where every citizen has a voice in the decision-making process. Through regular referendums and inclusive community participation, they ensure that the will of the people shapes their policies and governance. This system promotes transparency, equality, and civic engagement, empowering individuals to actively contribute to the betterment of their society.

The domestic policies of the Carado Delegation prioritize social welfare, education, and the promotion of spiritual growth. They invest in comprehensive social programs that provide equal opportunities for all citizens, including quality education, healthcare, and social support systems. They foster a society that values personal growth, compassion, and the pursuit of knowledge.

The Carado Delegation maintains a foreign policy centered on peaceful coexistence, interstellar diplomacy, and the spreading of their ideals of radiant redemption. They engage in cultural exchange, interstellar collaborations, and mutual aid programs with other starnations, promoting understanding, unity, and the common good. Their strategic goals include fostering interstellar peace, promoting spiritual enlightenment, and advancing the universal ideals of compassion and forgiveness.

To ensure the safety and security of their delegation, the Carado Delegation maintains a defensive military force known as the Radiant Guard. The Radiant Guard is composed of highly trained individuals dedicated to protecting their planets and upholding the values of compassion, justice, and redemption. They prioritize defense and safeguarding their citizens, while also assisting in disaster relief efforts and maintaining interstellar peacekeeping initiatives.

With a population of 18.5 billion spread across their four planets, the Carado Delegation shines as a beacon of radiant redemption, hope, and egalitarian values. Inspired by the teachings of the Church of Radiant Redemption, they strive to foster compassion, forgiveness, and spiritual growth within themselves and the wider cosmos. The Radiant Guard stands as a symbol of their commitment to protect and uphold their values, ensuring a harmonious existence within and beyond their borders.

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