Corporation Combined Fleet (CCF)

Starnation: Corporation Combined Fleet (CCF)

Number of Planets: N/A

Capital City: Kila Vas

Government: Corporate Fleet

Population: 4,830 ships

Established: May 21, 2006

The Corporation Combined Fleet (CCF) is a formidable private military organization, founded on May 21, 2006, through a strategic partnership between four major corporations: Hezron Interplanetary Products, KVIE, LiLs, and LMT. These corporations, all with significant interests and operations in the bustling metropolis of Kila Vas, recognized the need for enhanced security to safeguard their interstellar trade routes and vast business interests.

In its early days, the CCF comprised a fleet that included four cruisers, four heavy battlecruisers, 16 destroyers, 21 frigates, and 35 smaller and auxiliary vessels. These formidable assets were deployed to protect the interests of its founding partners, ensuring the safe transit of goods and resources across the vastness of space.

Over the years, the CCF has undergone significant expansion, evolving into a coalition of 21 mega-corporations that hold full partnership status. Additionally, several hundred smaller corporations have limited governance authority within the organization, signifying its immense influence within the interstellar trade ecosystem. The CCF has also extended its protective umbrella to include large vendors affiliated with its full partner corporations, further solidifying its dominance in the private military sector.

Headquartered in Kila Vas, the CCF remains at the forefront of providing cutting-edge security solutions and military protection for its member corporations. With a staggering population of 4,830 ships under its command, the CCF is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of interstellar commerce. Its storied history is marked by unwavering dedication to the interests of its corporate partners, ensuring the continued prosperity and security of its vast interstellar trade network.

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