Cosmopolis Federation

Starnation: Cosmopolis Federation

Number of Planets: 20

Capital City: Unity Prime

Government: Federal Republic

Military: Cosmopolis Federation Defense Force (CFDF)

Population Estimate: 155.1 billion

The Cosmopolis Federation is a vast starnation comprising twenty member planets that have come together under a unified banner. The capital city, Unity Prime, stands as a symbol of the starnation's commitment to cooperation, unity, and shared progress. The Cosmopolis Federation is known for its rich diversity, where individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and species coexist harmoniously.

The history of the Cosmopolis Federation is rooted in a deep desire for peace, collaboration, and the pursuit of common goals. The member planets joined forces to overcome past conflicts and establish a framework that promotes unity, equality, and the well-being of all citizens. This commitment to cooperation has allowed the Cosmopolis Federation to flourish as a thriving interstellar community.

Customs and culture within the Cosmopolis Federation celebrate diversity, fostering an inclusive society where individuals are respected for their unique contributions. The starnation places a high value on education, scientific advancements, and artistic expression. It promotes cultural exchanges, interplanetary festivals, and collaborative projects that enhance the understanding and appreciation of different traditions and perspectives.

The primary trade goods of the Cosmopolis Federation encompass a wide range of technological innovations, scientific research, and cultural artifacts. Each member planet contributes its specific resources and expertise, leading to a thriving interplanetary economy. The Cosmopolis Federation encourages trade, investment, and technological cooperation among its member planets to foster economic growth and improve the standard of living for all citizens.

The current domestic policies of the Cosmopolis Federation revolve around decentralized governance and active citizen participation. The starnation follows a federal republic system, granting substantial autonomy to member planets while maintaining a central authority to address common issues and coordinate collective endeavors. Local governments are empowered to make decisions that reflect the needs and aspirations of their respective populations, ensuring a sense of ownership and accountability.

Politically and on the foreign policy front, the Cosmopolis Federation advocates for diplomacy, peaceful coexistence, and cooperation among starnations. It actively engages in interstellar treaties, trade agreements, and cultural exchanges to promote mutual understanding and strengthen interstellar relations. The Cosmopolis Federation values the principles of equality, human rights, and environmental stewardship, actively promoting these values in its interactions with other starnations.

The military force of the Cosmopolis Federation is known as the Cosmopolis Federation Defense Force (CFDF). The CFDF operates under the principle of defending the starnation's security, protecting its citizens, and upholding the principles of justice and peace. It maintains a defensive-oriented approach, emphasizing the deterrence of aggression and the protection of member planets from external threats. The CFDF conducts joint exercises, intelligence sharing, and collaborative defense planning to ensure the readiness and effectiveness of its forces.

The Cosmopolis Federation embraces a collective defense concept, with member planets contributing resources and personnel to support the Cosmopolis Federation Defense Force. The CFDF maintains a well-trained and technologically advanced military, capable of operating in various environments and responding to a wide range of challenges. It upholds strict ethical standards, respecting the laws of war and prioritizing the safety and well-being of civilian populations.

The Cosmopolis Federation is home to an estimated population of 155.1 billion inhabitants, spread across its twenty member planets. This population estimate reflects the diverse nature of the Cosmopolis Federation, with member planets varying in size and population. The starnation's population represents a vibrant tapestry of cultures, ideas, and aspirations, contributing to the richness and dynamism of the Cosmopolis Federation's collective identity.

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