Delgado Imperial Fastness

Starnation: Delgado Imperial Fastness

Number of Planets: 6

Capital City: Delgado City

Government: Expansionist Religious Oligarchy

Population: 38.8 billion


1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The Delgado Imperial Fastness has a rich history steeped in religious fervor, expansionist ambitions, and the pursuit of divine order. Customs and culture within the starnation revolve around strict adherence to religious doctrines, reverence for authority, and a deep sense of loyalty to the ruling elite. The inhabitants of Delgado value discipline, obedience, and the quest for spiritual enlightenment. Their society celebrates grand religious ceremonies, displays of loyalty to the ruling oligarchy, and the propagation of religious teachings.

2. Primary Trade Goods:

The Delgado Imperial Fastness excels in trade associated with religious artifacts, spiritual services, and strategic resources tied to their expansionist activities. Their primary trade commodities include sacred relics, holy texts, and resources required for colonization and expansion efforts. The starnation places great emphasis on the dissemination of religious teachings, the establishment of religious institutions, and the acquisition of resources necessary for their expansionist endeavors. They are renowned for their expertise in religious ceremonies, spiritual guidance, and the exploration of uncharted territories in the name of their faith.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

Domestic policies within the Delgado Imperial Fastness revolve around enforcing religious orthodoxy, promoting expansionist activities, and maintaining the authority of the ruling oligarchy. The expansionist religious oligarchy ensures the centralization of power, religious conformity, and the protection of their territories. Policies prioritize the spread of the faith, colonization of new planets, and the acquisition of strategic resources. Delgado values loyalty to the ruling elite, unwavering devotion to religious principles, and the preservation of divine order within their dominion.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

As an Expansionist Religious Oligarchy, the Delgado Imperial Fastness seeks to extend their religious influence, convert or subjugate other starnations, and acquire territories to expand their dominion. Political and foreign policy implications revolve around religious evangelism, territorial expansion, and the suppression of competing religious beliefs. The starnation actively engages in missionary efforts, colonization campaigns, and military conquests to spread their faith and enforce their religious authority. They aim to establish a theocratic order, exert control over spiritual matters, and secure resources necessary for their religious ambitions.

5. Military:

The Delgado Imperial Fastness maintains a devout military force known as the Divine Vanguard. The Divine Vanguard serves as the enforcers of religious doctrine, protectors of the faithful, and agents of expansion. They are trained in both martial skills and religious teachings, combining disciplined military tactics with fervent devotion to their faith. The Divine Vanguard's role extends beyond defense, as they actively engage in religious conquest, suppression of dissenting beliefs, and the establishment of religiously influenced governance in newly acquired territories. They serve as the sword of the faith, defending the ruling oligarchy, and expanding the Delgado Imperial Fastness's religious dominion.

Note: The Delgado Imperial Fastness, driven by religious zeal and expansionist aspirations, seeks to establish a religiously governed empire through conquest and conversion. With a focus on religious orthodoxy, expansion campaigns, and the propagation of their faith, they aim to create a divine order across the galaxy. However, their expansionist policies and suppression of differing beliefs may lead to conflicts and resistance from starnations with different religious and political ideologies. The legacy of the Delgado Imperial Fastness is defined by their unwavering devotion to their faith, the fervent pursuit of territorial expansion, and the establishment of a religious oligarchy ruling over their expanding dominion.

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