Dengathan Empire

Starnation: Dengathan Empire

Number of Planets: 1 billion +

Capital City: Unknown (Dengatha?)

Government: Communal Anarchy

Population: 1 quintillion + ?


The Dengathan Empire stands as a vast and enigmatic region of space, dominated by the highly advanced avian race known as the Dengathans. This empire stretches across millions of light-years, and its huge starships and spacecraft freely roam the cosmic expanse. The Dengathan vessels come in two distinctive designs: the football-shaped military-oriented ships and the disk-shaped civilian ships, all featuring a glass dome on the top side and planet-like features within. The ships are hollow, housing entire avian "families" within, ranging from the smallest 1-mile-diameter "Family" ships to the colossal 1-million-mile-long "Dengatha Battlecruiser," lightly armed, and hosting millions of avian "families" representing thousands of avian races.

The Dengathan Empire's organization is a riddle wrapped in mystery. It lacks a discernible central government, making contact with either outsiders or even the Dengathans themselves an elusive endeavor. The whereabouts and status of the supposed capital, Dengatha, remain unknown for over a thousand years, shrouded in intrigue and speculation. The empire's age is veiled in uncertainty, but its existence is believed to span countless millennia.

The essence of the Dengathan Empire's governance lies in communal anarchy, where avian families and communities operate autonomously, making collective decisions and cooperating without a centralized authority. Despite the lack of a formal government, the empire functions harmoniously, driven by mutual respect, shared values, and their highly advanced technological capabilities. The Dengathans' understanding of their vast region of space is deeply rooted in their cultural identity, technological prowess, and shared sense of purpose.

As the Dengathan vessels traverse the cosmic expanse, they encounter various star systems, planets, and civilizations, leaving behind a trail of wonder and curiosity. Their avian culture values exploration, diplomacy, and cooperation, fostering peaceful interactions with other star nations and species they encounter during their voyages.

The Dengathan Empire's legacy is an intricate tapestry woven with threads of mystery, advancement, and unity. As their starships continue to roam the cosmos, they remain a symbol of awe-inspiring technological achievements and enigmatic resilience, leaving the universe in anticipation of discovering the secrets that lie within the heart of this remarkable avian realm.

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