Niatune Commons

Starnation: Niatune Commons

Religious Order: Esoteric Circle

Number of Planets: 6

Capital City: Mystica Aeterna

Government Type: Anarchic Commune

Population: 47.5 billion


Niatune Commons is a diverse starnation encompassing six planets, guided by the beliefs and practices of the Esoteric Circle. It operates under an anarchic commune system, where individuals collectively govern themselves through voluntary associations and decentralized decision-making.

History, Customs, and Culture:

Niatune Commons has a rich history rooted in the principles of individual freedom, self-expression, and spiritual exploration. The starnation's customs and culture emphasize personal autonomy, creativity, and the pursuit of esoteric knowledge. Its inhabitants engage in diverse spiritual practices, mystical rituals, and esoteric teachings to attain higher consciousness and deepen their connection with the universe.

Religious Affiliation:

The Esoteric Circle is the prominent religious order within Niatune Commons. Followers of this order delve into the realms of metaphysics, symbolism, and inner transformation. They seek to unlock hidden knowledge, unravel mysteries of existence, and attain spiritual enlightenment through esoteric practices such as meditation, astral projection, and energy manipulation.

Primary Trade Goods:

Niatune Commons thrives on the exchange of artistic creations, esoteric literature, and rare artifacts related to spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics. The starnation's economy revolves around the production and trade of esoteric knowledge, spiritual tools, and mystical artworks. Its inhabitants are known for their craftsmanship, creating intricate and meaningful works of art.

Current Domestic Policies:

As an anarchic commune, Niatune Commons operates on the principles of voluntary cooperation, mutual aid, and individual autonomy. The starnation promotes self-governance, where decisions are made through direct consensus, community councils, and grassroots initiatives. It values personal freedom, equality, and the right of every individual to pursue their own spiritual path.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

Niatune Commons maintains a non-interventionist stance in interstellar affairs, preferring peaceful coexistence and non-aggression. The starnation seeks to foster cultural exchanges, spiritual dialogues, and collaborative projects with other starnations. It advocates for respect of individual sovereignty, diversity of beliefs, and the freedom to explore esoteric knowledge without interference.


Niatune Commons does not possess a traditional military force. Instead, it relies on self-defense measures and decentralized militias formed by its inhabitants. These militias, known as the Guardians of Harmony, are composed of individuals committed to safeguarding the principles of personal freedom, spiritual exploration, and communal harmony. Their role is primarily defensive, protecting the starnation from external threats and ensuring the safety of its inhabitants.

Additional Information:

Niatune Commons is a vibrant and diverse starnation where individual self-expression, spiritual growth, and esoteric knowledge are highly valued. Its inhabitants embrace a wide range of mystical and metaphysical traditions, sharing their wisdom and experiences to deepen collective understanding. The starnation thrives on cooperation, creativity, and the pursuit of higher consciousness.

Population Estimate:

Niatune Commons has a population of approximately 47.5 billion inhabitants spread across its six planets. The capital city, Mystica Aeterna, serves as a hub for spiritual gatherings, esoteric studies, and the exchange of ideas.


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