Nova Celestia

Starnation: Nova Celestia

Religious Order: Order of the Silver Veil

Number of Planets: 7

Capital City: Luminaris

Government Type: Theocratic Council

Population: 48.8 billion

1. History, Customs, and Culture: Nova Celestia, a star-faring nation comprised of seven inhabited planets, has a rich history intertwined with the influence of the Order of the Silver Veil. Legend has it that the founding of the nation coincided with a celestial event, marking the birth of a new era. The people of Nova Celestia hold deep reverence for the cosmos, with astronomy and astrology playing significant roles in their daily lives. Customs and traditions revolve around celestial observations, celestial navigation, and the pursuit of cosmic knowledge. They celebrate celestial events with elaborate ceremonies and festivals, honoring the celestial bodies as divine manifestations.

2. Religious Affiliation: The religious order that shapes the core beliefs of Nova Celestia is the Order of the Silver Veil. Adherents of this order venerate the celestial realm and see it as a source of divine wisdom. They believe that the stars and planets are the physical manifestations of celestial deities, and the Order acts as their earthly representatives. The teachings of the Order emphasize harmony with the cosmos, the pursuit of enlightenment, and the cultivation of a deep spiritual connection with the celestial forces.

3. Primary Trade Goods: Nova Celestia specializes in the trade of rare celestial artifacts, stellar gemstones, and advanced astronomical technologies. They have developed sophisticated telescopes, navigation systems, and celestial mapping tools that are highly sought after by astronomers, explorers, and other star-faring nations. Additionally, they export unique energy crystals infused with celestial energies, which have various applications in advanced technologies.

4. Current Domestic Policies: Nova Celestia is governed by a Theocratic Council composed of religious leaders and influential celestial scholars. The council ensures the adherence to the teachings of the Order of the Silver Veil and oversees the development of celestial studies and related technologies. The nation places great importance on education, encouraging its citizens to explore the mysteries of the cosmos and seek enlightenment. They have established renowned universities and academies dedicated to celestial sciences, fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and spiritual growth.

5. Political and Foreign Policy Implications: Nova Celestia's foreign policy is shaped by its religious beliefs and reverence for the celestial realm. They strive to maintain diplomatic relations with other star-faring nations, seeking to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in celestial research and exploration. Their strategic goals involve expanding their influence in celestial knowledge dissemination and cultivating alliances with nations that share their passion for celestial sciences. However, they remain cautious of any threat that may jeopardize their pursuit of enlightenment and celestial harmony.

6. Military: Nova Celestia maintains a Celestial Guard, their dedicated space military force. The Celestial Guard serves primarily as a defensive force, safeguarding the nation's celestial observatories, research facilities, and trade routes. They also protect sacred celestial sites and ensure the security of the Order of the Silver Veil's members and their affiliated institutions. While not primarily tasked with proselytizing or expanding the national religion, the military supports the Order's mission by defending the faith and promoting the nation's interests in celestial research and exploration. Their fleet consists of advanced starships equipped with sophisticated celestial mapping technology and defensive systems.

Population: Nova Celestia's total population is approximately 48.8 billion, with the capital planet Luminaris hosting a population of around 2 billion. The remaining six inhabited planets have varying populations, ranging from a few hundred million to several billion individuals, collectively contributing to the nation's vibrant celestial culture and pursuit of enlightenment.

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