O'Jyym Tribes

Starnation: O'Jyym Tribes

Number of Planets: 31

Capital City: Kafaar

Government: Tribal Councils

Population: 155.5 billion

The O'Jyym Tribes, spread across 31 planets, form a vibrant and diverse starnation bound by ancient traditions and a shared sense of identity. Governed by Tribal Councils, this unique society cherishes its cultural heritage and values the wisdom passed down through generations. Let's delve into the essence of the O'Jyym Tribes:

Cultural Diversity and Unity:

The O'Jyym Tribes consist of numerous clans, each with its own distinct culture, language, and customs. Despite their differences, the tribes maintain a strong sense of unity, valuing mutual respect and peaceful coexistence. The Tribal Councils serve as the pillars of governance, acting as representatives of their respective clans while fostering collaboration and harmony among all 31 planets.

Nomadic Traditions:

Rooted in their nomadic past, the O'Jyym Tribes continue to embrace a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Many clans move between different planets, following migratory patterns in search of abundant resources and favorable conditions. This tradition has forged strong interplanetary ties, encouraging cultural exchange and cooperation.

Celebration of Nature:

The O'Jyym Tribes hold a deep reverence for nature and its cycles. Their spiritual practices are closely intertwined with the rhythms of the cosmos and the natural world. Festivals and rituals are held to honor the changing seasons, celestial events, and other significant occurrences, reinforcing their profound connection to the universe.

Tribal Councils' Role:

The Tribal Councils, comprised of wise elders and influential members from each clan, convene in the capital city of Kafaar to make collective decisions for the starnation. These councils ensure equitable distribution of resources, uphold cultural preservation, and address disputes that may arise between clans or planets. Their decisions are grounded in ancient wisdom and guided by the principles of unity and mutual respect.

Peaceful Coexistence:

The O'Jyym Tribes prioritize peaceful resolutions to conflicts. Tribal Councils act as mediators, helping to find common ground and maintain harmony within the starnation. Disputes are often resolved through dialogue, negotiation, and the application of customary laws that have been passed down through generations.

Preserving Ancient Knowledge:

The O'Jyym Tribes take great pride in preserving their ancient knowledge, traditions, and oral histories. Storytelling is an integral part of their culture, passing down legends, wisdom, and moral teachings from one generation to another. This practice helps preserve their identity and ensures that the legacy of the O'Jyym Tribes endures.

Exploration and Interstellar Relations:

While maintaining their unique culture and traditions, the O'Jyym Tribes also welcome peaceful interactions with neighboring starnations and spacefaring travelers. Their curiosity and thirst for knowledge extend beyond their own borders, leading to the exchange of ideas and cultural experiences with other civilizations.

Military: Guardians of Harmony

The O'Jyym Tribes, known for their commitment to peace and cultural preservation, maintain a modest but highly skilled military known as the "Guardians of Harmony." Unlike traditional militaries focused on aggression and conquest, the Guardians of Harmony have a unique purpose – to protect the starnation from external threats and safeguard the peace and unity among the tribes. Comprising volunteers from various clans, the military emphasizes defensive strategies and conflict resolution techniques. 

Guardians undergo rigorous training in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and strategic defense, ensuring they can effectively respond to any potential danger without compromising the values of the O'Jyym Tribes. While the military is small in number, its members are respected and honored, and their primary duty is to uphold the spirit of unity, protect the starnation's freedom, and preserve the cherished way of life that has endured for generations.


The O'Jyym Tribes, united by a profound respect for nature, cultural diversity, and peaceful coexistence, embody the essence of their Tribal Councils' governance. Their nomadic traditions, celebration of nature, and preservation of ancient knowledge weave together a rich tapestry of identity and unity across the 31 planets. Embracing a peaceful and respectful approach to interstellar relations, the O'Jyym Tribes stand as an exemplar of harmony and cultural preservation in the cosmos.

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