Othversin Limited State

Starnation: Othversin Limited State

Number of Planets: 62

Capital City: Nyatte Vee

Government: Council-based Democracy

Population: 519.7 billion


1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The history of the Othversin Limited State is characterized by a desire for balanced governance and limited central authority. The council-based democracy was established to ensure that decisions are made collectively, with representatives from various regions and planets contributing to the decision-making process. The realm's customs and culture emphasize inclusivity, cooperation, and respecting the autonomy of member planets.

2. Primary Trade Goods:

The interstellar trade of the Othversin Limited State revolves around advanced technology, scientific innovations, and intellectual property. They export cutting-edge research, data analytics, and patented technologies, positioning themselves as a knowledge-driven and tech-savvy starnation.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

Under the council-based democracy, the Othversin Limited State emphasizes open dialogues and consensus-building. Domestic policies prioritize investing in education, research, and sustainable practices. The starnation encourages member planets to develop their unique identities and participate actively in shaping their future.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

The Othversin Limited State's foreign policy is based on diplomatic engagement and forming partnerships with other starnations. They seek collaborations to foster technological advancements, share knowledge, and address common challenges facing the galaxy. The starnation advocates for peaceful resolutions and promoting interstellar cooperation.

5. Military:

The "Sentinel Corps," the military force of the Othversin Limited State, operates as a defense-oriented entity. Composed of highly skilled personnel and advanced technology, the Sentinel Corps' primary role is to protect the starnation's member planets, deter potential threats, and provide support during times of crisis.

Additional Information:

Nyatte Vee, the capital city of the Othversin Limited State, is a marvel of architecture and urban planning. The city features state-of-the-art research centers, educational institutions, and administrative offices, all designed to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the starnation's representatives.

The Central Council Hall, the seat of the starnation's democratic governance, is a towering structure where representatives convene to debate and deliberate on crucial matters. Advanced communication technology ensures real-time participation of representatives from distant planets, promoting inclusivity and equitable representation.

The Othversin Limited State is known for hosting regular Intergalactic Symposia, bringing together researchers, scientists, and experts from various fields to exchange knowledge and present their latest discoveries. These symposia have become a hallmark of the starnation's commitment to advancing science and collaboration. 

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