Pun Ja-bar Directorate

Starnation: Pun Ja-bar Directorate

Number of Planets: 3

Capital City: Tangnitus Jum

Government: Military Junta

Population: 9.4 billion


1. History, Customs, and Culture:

The Pun Ja-bar Directorate's history is marked by a military coup that led to the establishment of a military junta governing three planets. Their customs and culture revolve around a strict hierarchical structure, discipline, and the centralization of power within the military ranks.

2. Primary Trade Goods:

The interstellar trade of the Pun Ja-bar Directorate is focused on advanced weaponry, military technology, and mercenary services. They export state-of-the-art armaments, combat strategies, and well-trained soldiers, emphasizing their military prowess on the interstellar stage.

3. Current Domestic Policies:

As a Military Junta, the Pun Ja-bar Directorate prioritizes maintaining military control over governance. Policies are heavily influenced by military commanders, emphasizing security and order above all else.

4. Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

The Pun Ja-bar Directorate adopts a militaristic stance in interstellar affairs. They seek to expand their influence through alliances with starnations that align with their aggressive ideology. Their strategic goals revolve around consolidating power and projecting their military might across the galaxy.

5. Military:

The "Supreme Enforcers," the military force of the Pun Ja-bar Directorate, is at the forefront of their regime's dominance. Their primary role is to suppress dissent, enforce loyalty, and expand their dominion through military conquests and strategic offensives.

Additional Information:

Tangnitus Jum, the imposing capital city of the Pun Ja-bar Directorate, serves as the nerve center of their military might. The city's architecture reflects the austere nature of the regime, with towering structures that exude authority and control. Barren squares and drill grounds serve as symbols of the Directorate's relentless pursuit of order and discipline.

Within the capital's fortified walls, the Directorate's propaganda machinery operates ceaselessly, promoting the virtues of military supremacy and obedience. A state of constant vigilance prevails, with public loyalty ceremonies and military parades held to reaffirm the regime's dominance. Dissent is swiftly quelled, and the city's populace lives under the ever-watchful gaze of the Directorate's enforcers.

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