Seraphis Prime

Starnation: Seraphis Prime

Religious Order: Cult of the Blood Moon

Number of Planets: 3

Capital City: Umbra Noctis

Government Type: Autocratic Empire

Population: 12.3 billion

History, Customs, and Culture: Seraphis Prime, a star-faring nation encompassing three inhabited planets, has a dark and mysterious history deeply intertwined with the esoteric beliefs of the Cult of the Blood Moon. Legends speak of an ancient cataclysm that bathed the planets in a crimson hue, giving rise to the worship of the Blood Moon as a harbinger of power and transformation. The customs and culture of Seraphis Prime reflect this reverence for the occult, with rituals, dark arts, and blood mysticism permeating everyday life. The citizens are known for their fascination with lunar cycles, nocturnal activities, and macabre aesthetics, embracing a sense of otherworldly allure.

Religious Affiliation: The religious order that holds sway over Seraphis Prime is the Cult of the Blood Moon. Adherents of this cult revere the Blood Moon as a manifestation of divine power and seek to tap into its dark energies. They believe that by embracing the lunar cycles and engaging in blood rituals, they can harness the moon's transformative powers and attain spiritual enlightenment. The cult's practices are veiled in secrecy, with initiates undergoing rigorous tests and trials to prove their devotion.

Primary Trade Goods: Seraphis Prime thrives on the trade of occult artifacts, forbidden tomes of dark knowledge, and rare alchemical ingredients. They are known for their mastery of dark magic and arcane arts, and their dark artifacts hold great value among collectors, researchers, and practitioners of the occult. Additionally, they export specialized enchanted crystals infused with lunar energies, which have diverse applications in dark rituals and occult practices.

Current Domestic Policies: Seraphis Prime operates under the rule of an Autocratic Empire, where power is concentrated in the hands of a ruling bloodline descended from the cult's original founders. The empire enforces strict control over the practice of occult arts, tightly regulating access to forbidden knowledge and ensuring the continued dominance of the Cult of the Blood Moon. The state promotes a culture of secrecy, fear, and obedience, with citizens adhering to the cult's teachings and participating in blood rituals to maintain their connection to the lunar forces.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications: Seraphis Prime's political and foreign policies are driven by their reverence for the Blood Moon and the pursuit of occult power. They maintain an insular approach, safeguarding their arcane knowledge and occult practices from outsiders. Strategic goals include expanding their influence in the realms of dark magic and arcane research, forming alliances with other nations that share their esoteric interests, and seeking out hidden sources of occult power across the galaxies.

Military: Seraphis Prime boasts a formidable military force known as the Lunar Legion. The Lunar Legion is trained in dark magic and specialized combat techniques, harnessing the lunar energies to enhance their skills and powers. The military serves to protect the cult's interests, defend the nation against external threats, and enforce compliance among the citizenry. They utilize advanced weaponry infused with dark enchantments and are adept at covert operations and unconventional warfare.

Population: The total population of Seraphis Prime is approximately 12.3 billion, with the capital planet Umbra Noctis hosting the majority of the population, amounting to around 6 billion. The remaining two inhabited planets have populations ranging from a few hundred million to a few billion, contributing to the expansion and influence of the Cult of the Blood Moon.

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