The Remnant

Starnation: The Remnant

Number of Planets: N/A - 404 starships

Capital City: Station of the Lost (lead starship)

Government: Nomadic Council

Population: 32.3 million

The Remnant is a huge fleet of 404 large spaceships carrying the remnant of the Keriert race that travel from region to region throughout the galaxies. Their belief is that they are all that remain of a once proud race of billions that was nearly totally exterminated by a powerful semi-divine entity known as "Lucrosis."

Now they roam the galaxies searching for any of their brethern who may have escaped the slaughter in the tumultuous days leading up to their demise, during the slaughter and within a few days after. This escape has become know as the "Great Diaspora," and the day that Lucrosis exacted his vengeance is known solemnly as "The Day." In political and religious ceremonies it is called "The Great Slaughter," or "The Slaughter of the Innocents." But to speak of it as anything but "The Day" except by religious or political officials or in anything other than official proceedings or documents is considered rude, of poor taste and bad luck and is a grave cultural error.

Occasionally, but rarely, a discovery of members of the Keriert race is found and the occasion is marked by great celebrations and numerous festivities aboard all the ships. A popular ceremony is known as "The Welcoming," and families will provide a great dinner of many kinds of dishes followed by sports exhibitions, dancing, plays and gift giving between members and presentations to the newly discovered members of the race. If they should choose to join The Remnant in their galactic quest the festivities may go on for days or even weeks as ships vie to host the new members for a period of time. It is considered a great honor to have newly discovered members of the race lodge aboard a particular ship.

Their ships consist of a variety of sizes, classes and types and carry from several dozen passengers and crew to over 100,000 members. Their capital ship, the "Station of the Lost," carries nearly 80,000 members. 

Some of their ships are over 400 years old and are barely spaceworthy capable of space travel only by the extraordinary skills, expertise, ingenuity and tenacity of their members. From the age of twelve (human terms) all members of The Remnant learn the rudimentary skills required to maintain, repair and operate their ships, and keep them in spaceworthy condition. 

For this reason anywhere from one or two ships to eight or ten are often sold each year replaced with newer ships The Remnant has purchased in their travels.

Several dozen ships, space cruise liners or long distance cargo haulers, have been modified to carry members but also to carry trade goods and exhibit and retail these goods these in large onboard markets. The atmosphere aboard these "market" ships is festive although at times the solemnity which is characteristic of The Remnant can be felt.

The Remnant will stop nearby a popular region of space or near popular trade hubs where there they will buy local goods in bulk for later resale in some other part of the galaxies while selling those goods they have acquired throughout their travels. These markets feature "mom and pop" or family operated stores, shops, booths and kiosks selling goods a particular famil may have specialized in such as jewelry, fashionable clothing for the many ceremonies aboard the ships, blankets, tapestries, carpets, leather goods, (using leather purchased from planets or other traders), pottery, a variety of handcrafts, small-arms weaponry, knives, used for kitchen, fishing, hunting or defense, and a number of other items.

The military consists of 31 ships, only 5 of which were actual warships. The remaining ships are civilian ships that have been converted for military purposes. The 5 warships were all that remained of the Keriert people's once proud fleet of starships.

An additional 20 ships serve 2 year terms as military auxiliary ships - the Militia. Training for the Militia lasts for one year with an additional year of "on-the-job" training. All 404 ships in the fleet carry a varying degree of armament and no other modifications are required to serve as Militia. At any time, from two to fifteen ships may be in training for the Militia.

The purpose of the military is to scout ahead and identify safe zones of passage, escort the fleet of 404 ships, protect its flanks and ensure no hostile craft are following the fleet. There are almost always some craft following the fleet consisting of traders, commerce vessels, tourists, adventure seekers, sightseers, or those who have some business wqith the fleet, etc. The space force will routinely observe and inspect any new arrivals to the "flock" of followers.

The Remnant also maintains a fleet of 67 fighters, all of which have been built during the corse of The Remnant's travels. Fighters range from one man craft to what are essentially corvette-sized craft with a crew of up to twelve.

The police force has two divisions. On-board police perform all the standard functions of a police department, including maintaining order, keeping the police and law enforcement. On-board roles are career positions and training encompasses a comprehensive three year program in all aspects of the law and law enforcement.

Space police are volunteer positions lasting for one year. These consist of private craft who have completed the mandatory one year space training. Their primary purpose is to augment the military although they also perform exterior ship inspections, carry on-board police from one ship to another, aid and assist in ship breakdowns or malfunctions or provide assistance to other ships as requested.

There are approximately a dozen small ships assigned to space police duty at any one time.

The police are headed by the High Commissioner of Police. There is also an independent High Commissioner of Police Affairs, a civilian, whose duty is to investigate cases of police brutality, excessive force, corruption and crime within the police department. Because The Remnant prides itself on its integrity and moral strength, rarely are there any instances reported to the High Commissioner of Police Affairs.

The Remnant has a number of holidays throughout the year. Of these 15 are solemn occasions, reminders of the Diaspora and the Day of Slaughter and other tragic or traumatic experiences The Remnant has undergone through its travels. The Remnant also observes 17 "fun" holidays which are festive, jovial or just celebrations of living. 

"New Year" is one of the most festive and celebratory holidays featuring parties, dinners, gift giving and plays presented by both children and adults. New Year observes the first full year after the fleet considered themselves safe from the reach of Lucrosis. "Hearts Day" is for lovers of all ages and is observed by exchanges of candy, flowers and novelty items. Eateries and cafe's aboard ships will feature special menus in observance of Hearts Day.

"Timber Day" celebrates the mom and pop stores, the kiosks and stalls of single owner, family owned or small stores, shops or craft makers. The Remnant observes a year of 405 days.

In addition to the large cruise liners and cargo freighters, The Remnant has a mile long industrial ship, the "Marqel," which manufactures about 90% of all the heavy equipment and materials used by the fleet. 

The Remnant society enjoys a higher middle class standard of living. There are no poor people nor are there any ultra-rich although a handful of families may be said to be very well-off. The huge megacorporations typical across the galactic expanses no longer exist with the The Remnant. All the huge corporations died out soon after The Remnant took to the stars as no real need for such huge corporations existed. 

The Remnant enjoys tourists and visitors to their ships and markets although several ships remain closed to the public such as the military starships, several cargo freighters, and police vessels. Of the remainder, the owners may or may not allow access at various times as the individual ship owners feel is appropriate.

Visitors can expect an enormous variety of goods and products in the trade ships which have been gathered from across the stars. Few markets can rival the sheer variety of goods or the exotic novelty of some of the wares presented. Fortune tellers, card readers, tarot and various games are also available for customers to play and entertain themselves. In addition, several theaters aboard the trade ships and on several other ships feature plays presented by talented actors.

Beneath all the festive accouterments provided for visitors, customers and tourists, one can still detect a solemnity which is unique to The Remnant.

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