Wayra Illuminated Republic

Starnation: Wayra Illuminated Republic

Religious Order: Order of the Silver Dragon

Number of Planets: 6

Capital City: Sanctum Draconis

Government Type: Monarchical Theocracy

Population: 34.2 billion


The Wayra Illuminated Republic is a starnation devoted to the teachings and principles of the Order of the Silver Dragon. With its six inhabited planets, it stands as a beacon of faith and spiritual enlightenment in the galaxy. The starnation's history dates back centuries, when a group of devout followers established a community centered around the worship of the Silver Dragon deity.

Customs and Culture:

The Wayra Illuminated Republic upholds a rich cultural heritage deeply intertwined with the religious beliefs of the Order of the Silver Dragon. The inhabitants of the starnation value honor, wisdom, and justice, striving to embody the qualities of the Silver Dragon in their daily lives. They engage in elaborate rituals, meditation practices, and communal gatherings to deepen their spiritual connection with their chosen deity.

Religious Affiliation:

The Order of the Silver Dragon is the dominant religious order within the Wayra Illuminated Republic. Its teachings emphasize the pursuit of truth, justice, and enlightenment through the guidance of the Silver Dragon. Adherents of the Order dedicate themselves to the study of ancient scriptures, the practice of divine magic, and the embodiment of the noble virtues associated with the Silver Dragon.

Primary Trade Goods:

The Wayra Illuminated Republic thrives on a diverse range of trade goods. They are known for their advanced technologies, particularly in energy manipulation and healing arts, which they export to other starnations. Additionally, they produce exquisite works of art, fine textiles, and sacred relics associated with the Order of the Silver Dragon.

Current Domestic Policies:

Within the Wayra Illuminated Republic, the government operates under a Monarchical Theocracy, with the sovereign ruler serving as the spiritual and political leader of the starnation. Theocracy is intertwined with a constitutional framework that ensures the protection of individual rights and the fair administration of justice. The state supports and encourages the practice of the Order's teachings, with various educational programs and institutions dedicated to promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Political and Foreign Policy Implications:

The Wayra Illuminated Republic seeks to foster peace, harmony, and spiritual growth both within its own borders and in its relations with other starnations. Their foreign policy is guided by a commitment to spreading the teachings of the Order of the Silver Dragon, promoting dialogue, and seeking diplomatic solutions to conflicts. However, the starnation is not hesitant to defend its faith and citizens against threats, with a formidable military force that upholds the principles of justice and protection.


The military force of the Wayra Illuminated Republic, known as the Divine Dragoons, serves as both protectors of the starnation and enforcers of divine justice. They are highly trained in both conventional warfare and the arcane arts, with specialized units dedicated to defending sacred sites and escorting religious pilgrimages. The military operates under the principle of protecting the faithful and upholding the tenets of the Order of the Silver Dragon.

Additional Information:

The Wayra Illuminated Republic places great importance on pilgrimage and encourages its citizens to embark on sacred journeys to significant sites associated with the Order of the Silver Dragon. These pilgrimages serve as transformative experiences, deepening one's faith and connection with the divine. The starnation also maintains close ties with other starnations that share similar religious beliefs, engaging in cultural exchanges, collaborative research, and joint efforts to promote peace and enlightenment across the galaxy.

Population Estimate:

The Wayra Illuminated Republic boasts a population of 34.2 billion inhabitants spread across its six planets. Its capital city, Sanctum Draconis, stands as the heart of the starnation, housing magnificent temples, grand libraries, and the seat of both religious and political power.

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